Why It’s Important To Have A Separate Work Space

Written By Alla Levin
April 22, 2021
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Why It’s Important To Have A Separate Work Space

Since lockdown, more and more of us have begun working from home, and over the last year, some have enjoyed having their workspace at home, while others cannot wait to get back into the office. But, with lockdown still only just easing and many companies looking to work remotely for the foreseeable future, it’s time to think about how we can keep our work spaces an area where we are our most productive and motivated.

There are several weird and wonderful places around the house people have set up their work spaces, and this may vary on a day-to-day or weekly basis for variety. Whether it’s in your spare room, the kitchen, dining room, the study, or even if you’re lucky enough to utilize office pods, you must try to keep your work space a separate entity. Why? Let’s take a closer look below.

Improves Productivity

Having an area that is a self-contained area to work in can help to aid productivity, as it gives you a particular place to work in. When working from home, you need a constant and consistent setup to leave and return to every day. Having your tools ready for you to use each day helps to improve efficiency. Having a large desk that can easily accommodate a laptop and monitor and other resources, so you can make it your workspace like you would have in an office environment.

Reduces Aches and Painsutilize office pods

By having a separate workspace, you can ensure that it is set up correctly to provide you with the most comfortable working environment. This includes a sensible chair to sit on, which is essential when working long hours. This can help reduce any aches or pains you may have and support your posture instead of sitting on your bed or the sofa.

Mental Health

Keeping your work and home life separate can be difficult at the best of times, but even more so if you work from home. Unlike in the office where you can walk away from work, computer and emails, at home, you always feel the need to open your laptop and check emails or do a bit more work. Before you know it, you’re working very late hours, feeling exhausted and stressed. Therefore, if you have a separate work space where your laptop and monitor are set up, you can walk away at a reasonable time and not be tempted to return to your office space until the next morning when you begin work.

Maintaining these balances can preserve your work and life equality. Plus, it should help you feel less anxious, as once you leave your office space, you won’t have the laptop in reach, which will remind you of work.

As you can see, it’s essential to have a separate workspace for multiple reasons. An office pod or a study is an excellent idea, as you can completely disconnect from work and enjoy your weekend or evening.

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