How to Find the Perfect Stock Image or Stock Photo for Blog or Social Media Post?

Written By Alla Levin
April 29, 2021

How to Find the Perfect Stock Image or Stock Photo for Blog or Social Media Post?

As a rising brand, you might have many questions related to your media representation. For example, is it a good practice to use stock photos for your trademark? How to find the perfect free stock images or stock photos for your blog or social media post? Visual elements are necessary for any successful online presence and feasible content marketing strategy planning.

Free Stock Images

Having suitable pictures in your content also boosts engagement on social media platforms. They drive more traffic to your website from other sources too. Those many vital images are when it comes to promoting your content.

When it comes to finding beautiful images is not as easy as it seems. Almost all the images online are the copyrighted property of artists, the company they work for, and photographers, and you’ll need a subscription to access them. Instead, you need to look for license-free images, also known as Creative Commons (CC0) images.

How to find the perfect match: search by keywordboosts engagement on social media

Do not simply write something you think is right. Try and find out the perfect keyword for the image you are looking for. Try to add relevant words or try writing multiple words. Try using synonyms. If you couldn’t find the photo, you need with the word “jumping,” search for related phrases like “jump,” “bounce,” “ball,” “bob,” or “skip.”

Search using filter

There is always an “Advanced Search” option on your website to narrow your search. Filter the stock photos by orientation, size, color, texture, and category. Texture and patterns on the picture or image also help.

Try to understand your context

Using abstract words like “animal” and “pets” during your search won’t give you the exact result. Instead, think of an actual concept or be more specific and search “Cat.” After that, you might get a general category of cats. You still might not get what you want. Try adding actions in your search like “Playing cat,” “Lazy cat,” or “Happy cat.”

Think in the abstractboosts engagement on social media

While abstract words may not do the work, abstract concepts do. Images that are somewhat unusual or intelligent are more charming for your readers, so try to think outside of the box a little (without leaving the main topic).

Image or stock photo for blog: use similar images in the same project

All images in your project should look like they fit together. Consider pattern, color palette, style, and vibrancy. Make sure they resemble as they are a part of the same collection. Diversify the photos or images of content by including pictures of people, places, and things taken from different viewpoints.

Stock image or stock photo for the blog: make it informative

With all the information you’ve gathered, try and add up everything together. Remove good pointers from your blog, article, or your website and make it informative. Readers must get a hint from the image if they are on the right page.

Images make everything online more interesting, especially when it comes to content. People are more interested in pictorial representation than plain text. Choosing a relatively perfect photo will make you bloom online.

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