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How to Choose a Family Law Attorney in Williamsburg?

Are you considering a divorce? Are you perhaps fighting for full custody? No matter what family law issue you are coping with, a family attorney should be your partner in the process. Family law matters are complicated, delicate, and mentally exhausting for everyone involved in the case.

Therefore, it’s in the best interest of individuals for these matters to be solved as quickly as possible. The person who represents you is supposed to be experienced, knowledgeable, confident, and trustworthy. If looking for a family law attorney in Williamsburg, VA, you might find the following tips helpful.

Choose the right specialty

Family law is an extensive field, dealing with a multitude of serious matters and disputes. The attorneys proficient in this field of law choose either one or a few specialties to place their focus on. Therefore, when choosing a family lawyer in Williamsburg, he/she is supposed to be an expert in the specialty that corresponds with your situation.

For instance, the majority of family lawyers specialize in divorce and separation, thus assisting couples’ property division. These professionals help former spouses divide the assets they have accumulated while in marriage, such as their houses or cars. These attorneys also provide constant support throughout the divorce process, as well as following it.

Moreover, family lawyers in Williamsburg also represent clients when fighting for child custody in divorce cases where children are involved. These attorneys assist their clients in getting full or equal custody, along with negotiating the child support amount, which the other parent would have to pay every month. Additionally, these legal representatives help parents who don’t get custody to get better visitation rights.

Furthermore, family attorneys take the role of mediators or arbitrators in cases where clients wish to resolve the matters out of court. Their job in such cases is to find compromises or come up with an agreement that benefits both parties. Regarding mediation, the family lawyer is the one that guides the conversation, provides suggestions but cannot force his/her solutions.

Arbitration, on the other hand, gives more power to family attorneys by making their decisions final. After evaluating the arguments of both parties, the arbitrator decides which party wins the case. In the event of not following their part of the agreement, the parties will be obliged to take the matter to court. See this site to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration.

Another specialty of family attorneys in Williamsburg is adoption. Individuals require legal assistance throughout the adoption process, such as when adopting a child or a step-child. Adoption laws are known to be strict, which is why people involved in such a journey need the assistance of a professional.

Ultimately, family attorneys are experts in drawing up marriage contracts, which prepare spouses for future issues. These contracts dictate the terms in the event of potential property division or decisions related to the children. Some couples decide to live together and combine their assets prior to marriage, hence requiring a cohabitation agreement.

Look for prospective candidatesLook for prospective candidates

Once you have determined the specialty, you should start your quest for prospective candidates. The initial phase should be a web search, as the majority of family attorneys in Williamsburg have their own websites. These websites reveal useful information linked to the experience of lawyers. Consequently, you can immediately eliminate the attorneys that have no experience in the specialty you’re looking for.

Another important thing to check when browsing through the sites of attorneys is whether they are law family specialists. In order for a lawyer to become a specialist in this field of family law, he/she is expected to take advanced education courses, pass a written exam, and get a letter of recommendation from another lawyer. The following link, provides a better insight into family law.

Apart from checking their websites, you should also read online reviews of law firms and individual lawyers in Williamsburg. It’s common for the negative reviews to outnumber the positive ones, as frustrated clients are more encouraged to leave a negative review. Nevertheless, if a particular review contains no specific information, you shouldn’t consider it important.

Moreover, make sure you inspect the reputation of the attorneys by checking whether they have acquired a Martindale-Hubbell rating, which is considered the best possible rating a lawyer can earn. Also, it’s paramount to check whether the attorney has been disciplined in the past. The disciplinary commission of each state is responsible for investigating the ethics complaints against lawyers and enforcing disciplinary actions against the attorneys who have acted unethically.

Interview the most prospective candidates

In order to make a reasonable decision, you should either speak or meet in person with the candidates on your shortlist. You are supposed to ask whether they charge for the consultation, as most family lawyers in Williamsburg would have a conversation with you for no charge. These consultations are of essential importance for both parties, as you’ll learn whether the attorney you are talking to is a good fit for your case.

In addition, the personality of the family attorney and your character should be compatible so as for the collaboration to be successful. Unless you get along, there will be low chances for you to win the case. Regardless of how experienced, the legal representative is, there is a possibility for not speaking the same language, which makes communication impossible.

Other aspects to discuss during the consultation are communication and promptness. It’s paramount for the lawyer to keep in touch with the clients instead of avoiding their calls. Make sure you find out about the means of communication he/she uses, as well as his/her usual response time.

The budget is also worth the discussion in the course of the first consultation, as the attorney must be willing to work with the sum you can offer. The legal representative would probably start the discussion about fees and costs himself-herself, as these professionals don’t wish to waste their time on clients whose budgets cannot cover their expenses.

Find a lawyer you can collaborate withhow to choose a family law attorney

Given the duration of family law cases, the collaboration between attorneys and clients is indeed long-lasting. Therefore, you should choose a professional you trust completely. These cases involve sensitive information, which clients should confide to their attorneys. Unless you feel comfortable with the lawyer you hire, you might be reluctant to share important information.

When interviewing candidates, place your focus on trust and communication. The ideal candidate is supposed to explain every legal detail in layman’s terms in order for the information to make sense to you. He/ She is expected to answer all of your questions without any hesitation, as well as provide potential solutions for your situation. It’s vital for the attorney to have worked with clients with similar cases to yours.

The initial interviews are vital in forming an opinion about the candidates. Make sure you stay away from lawyers who are easily distracted and disorganized in order to avoid problems later on.

How to choose a family law attorney: the bottom line

Family law matters are best resolved with the assistance of an experienced attorney. Hire a trustworthy representative to be your pillar in the course of the legal journey!

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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