8 Perfect Activities to Get The Family Outdoors This Summer

Written By Alla Levin
May 13, 2021

Activities to Get The Family Outdoors This Summer

For most of us, summer is the best time of the year: the sun is shining, the kids are at home, and everyone is in the mood to have fun. It is also the most appropriate time to interact with nature, thanks to the favorable weather.

Outdoor activities will help create a stronger family bond and good memories, plus you will have a break from the screens. So, if you are wondering what to do for fun this summer, worry no more as there are numerous family activities you can do without breaking your bank. Check out the ideas below and choose the perfect one for your family.


Hiking is another great outdoor activity for the whole family. Though everyone in the family can join the hike, it is advisable to choose hikes that match your kid’s abilities. Nowadays, you can easily use your phone to search nearby hike trails and get in-depth details about them. Unlike adult-only hikes, you may be required to have several steps and let your kids explore nature, like chasing a butterfly or picking some flowers. Additionally, you can choose an interesting hike route that ends at a waterfall, pond, or river.

Fly fishingset up your fly rod here.

While it might seem dangerous for kids due to hooks and a long line, fly fishing is a fun activity for anyone, regardless of gender or age. Going out to fish in a nearby fishing area will help you refresh after a hectic week, and the kids will have some time away from the gaming pads and screens.

If you are looking to teach some moral values to your kids, fly fishing will provide a perfect platform as you will be together for long hours without distractions. It is also quite rewarding to watch your kid’s excitement when they reel their first catch. Learn how to set up your fly rod here.


If you are lucky to have a backyard, gardening can be a great summer activity this year. Your backyard may be in its worst state after a long winter accompanied by busy work schedules. This summer can be the best time to trim the hedges and plant new plants and flowers while enjoying the outdoor environment. Gardening provides an opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of taking care of the environment, plus they may end up having it as a hobby.

Participate in summer community events

Most neighborhoods have summer community events like ultimate outdoor movie experience, concerts, and games. Your kids will love interacting with other kids from their neighborhood and making new friends in the process. They will also get a feeling of achievement if the activity was a community service like helping clean the neighborhood or a charity walk. However, it is advisable to consider your child’s personality before getting them involved in community events. For example, you can bring your kid’s close friend to participate if your kid is a quiet character.

Try geocaching

If your kids love adventure, geocaching can be a fun activity to try. All you need is a cache and a handheld GPS device, and you can have some hours of learning and fun. Choose a fun outdoor location like an expansive beach, nearby park a small forest. You can place some rewards in the box, like chocolate or anything else that your kids love. Finding the cache is also satisfaction by itself. Additionally, you can use the available online geocaching websites to find a nearby cache if you don’t want to hide it yourself. Again, the competition to find the cache first makes the activity more enjoyable.

Campingcamping with kids

Everyone loves camping, no matter whether you are camping in your backyard or at a camping ground. Being outside at night and sharing the warmth at the fire pit will be a memorable moment and a perfect family bonding time. Camping with kids will also help them learn survival skills like building a fire and fire safety skills. You can also combine camping with other activities like flag football, photography, storytelling, and cooking.

Family outdoors this summer: Plan a picnic

Both kids and adults love picnics. Since almost any place can be a picnic location, you only need a few supplies like some fruits, cookies, and a blanket, and you will be good to go. However, choosing a pretty space should be a consideration if you have kids. A picnic site with a lot to explore will keep the kids engaged, thus eliminating boredom. You can also carry some board games for more fun.

Visit a nearby farm

If your family spends most of their time in the city, going for a farm visit can be both fun and educational. Children will be exposed to different animals and crops, learn about different farm machinery, or even try to use them. Some farms also offer various activities for the whole family, like hay pyramids, horse riding, and many more.

Family outdoors this summer: conclusion

Engaging in summer activities as a family is good for family bonding and provides parents with an opportunity to teach their children some valuable skills. Engaging in the above family summer activities will help you create memorable moments as a family while enjoying the warm summer weather.

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