5 Worthwhile Things to Save up Money For

Written By Alla Levin
May 14, 2021
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5 Worthwhile Things to Save up Money For

All of us are bombarded with several calls from financial services companies offering soft loans and credit cards. It makes us wonder why we must save money when there are several easy credit options available. Most of us are happy to receive our pay stub, go through it once and get elated. Then we go on a spending spree!

While the younger generation may have the liberty to spend more, it is essential to know that you must have adequate savings every month. The reasons for saving money can vary across people based on their monthly income and their social status. This article will discuss some of the worthwhile things for which you must have adequate savings.

Save for luxuries in life

All of us have our dreams. For some, it could be a luxury apartment or a premium car. Now, it will require loads of investment to be made. How can you afford such luxuries unless you have adequate funds! Again, taking advantage of loans will only increase your debt burden. It would be a purchase for a lifetime, and you must ensure that you still have adequate finances to ensure your lifestyle remains intact.

You must also keep in mind that the banks will offer a loan only if you make a down payment. You must have this amount with you. Similarly, when you wish to buy a premium car, you must have an adequate amount with you. Even if you plan to loan an amount, always try to keep it as low as possible. 

Attend to recurring expensesAttend to recurring expenses

Your savings will not be needed to handle only big-ticket purchases. Given the rate of inflation, you must also have adequate funds to cater to your regular expenses. Managing your current lifestyle will require you to have funds in your accounts. It can also help you pass through contingent events like the pandemic. You can also initiate a side income, like being a consultant, to help you ride through the difficult times.

It is also essential that you set aside adequate funds for irregular expenses, like renovation of your home, car repairs, holiday gifts, etc. Having additional savings will help you address these expenses without having to spend from your emergency funds. You must have adequate foresight when you have to spend under these heads. It will help you ascertain the amount that you would pay and help you set aside the necessary funds.

Save for contingencies

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen several people losing their jobs and having a tough time making ends meet. Leave alone the pandemic; some of us also face an issue when they need to make high-value purchases. The requirement could be varied, like medical bills or car repairs. It is one reason why we must have adequate funds that we can utilize during such contingencies. 

Studies show that very few people have an adequate amount that can be used during emergencies. Your savings should ideally be around three to six times your monthly income. You can invest your savings in different options, but always ensure easy liquidity if you are in dire straits. It can also help you meet unexpected medical expenses.

Savings for educationSavings for education

Education can help in career prospects, and as a parent, you must ensure that your children have a bright future. Higher education also involves a lot of money. Foreign education will require you to keep aside a substantial amount that would cater to university fees, lodging, and daily expenses. You would need to invest in specialized savings plans that would mature when you need them for your children’s education.

If you plan to further your education, you must also keep aside the amount for higher education. You must estimate the number of funds needed and make necessary investments and have a savings scheme that will ensure you have adequate funds at the right time.

Mitigate financial risks

The current pandemic situation has left many people without jobs. If they had adequate savings, it would help them to tide over the crisis. You must have sufficient savings and then invest them in plans that will provide reasonable returns on the investment. You can also invest in funds that provide a compound interest when you block the funds for a predetermined period.

Having adequate savings can allow you to enjoy luxuries in life and also help you ensure financial independence even during tough times. It can also help you help others at the time of their need. It can help you attain the goals you have in life. You can also leave a financial legacy for your children. 

Things to save up money for: conclusion

Saving money can help to increase your bank balance and get rid of stress and ensure you lead a peaceful life. You can also experience the pleasure of achieving your goals in life. You can enjoy life, and investing in the right areas can also help to grow your savings. Always have a robust financial plan that will take care of your savings and keep your funds invested in the right areas.

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