What Were The Decisive Reasons For Bitcoin Carnage On the 19th Of May?

Written By Alla Levin
June 14, 2021
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What Were The Decisive Reasons For Bitcoin Carnage On the 19th Of May?

Bitcoin is the utmost popular cryptocurrency to be invented in 2008; following the conception of cryptocurrency king, bitcoin there are now tons of other cryptocurrencies in the market. The crypto investors and watchers were utterly shocked as the recent market crash of bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies declined the price of bitcoin. Conferring the resources, there is a diversified reason for the crypto market crash.

Few people blame china for the crypto crash, whereas few crypto investors blame Elon Musk for the crypto crash progression. You can check out the forums link here for more profitable outcomes in the bitcoin expedition. Bitcoin carnage declined the price of bitcoin by 30% and Ethereum by 45%. Here are some of the crucial updates and reasons why the crypto market crashed on 19th may; let’s glance.

China Intensifying Crypto Crackdown!

China is the largest bitcoin mining network; the country contributes 60% of the hash rate in the global mining chain. The electricity consumed by the government is even exceeding the entire power consumption of China. However, the higher authorities of china subjected to the financial powers defined the volatile territory of bitcoin as a vulnerable risk factor to China’s financial system.

China announced the cryptocurrency crackdown, and most of the crypto investors from china decided to sell off the cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and Ethereum. The crackdown includes suspending any financial intuition rendering cryptocurrency services such as bitcoin mining, trading of bitcoin; the fact might astonish you that higher authorities of china warned crypto investors for holding bitcoin as a speculative asset.

Moreover, the exceeding extent of bitcoin mining energy consumption has concerned the higher authorities as the mining fossil fuel emission is leading to some hazardous gases in the environment. However, the government authorities have rendered a policy that big computing and cloud computing organizations sustain bitcoin mining for a considerable time.

Any telecom industry and internet service provider rendering bitcoin mining services will confront robust penalties alongside a reification of license as per the higher authorities. The progression of banning bitcoin mining was progressed by New York City. The Senate committee of NY drafted a bill for banning cryptocurrency mining for three years. In a nutshell, the announcement of china on amplifying the crypto crackdown in the nation has is one of the prominent reasons for the crypto crash.

Elon Musk Tweet!Elon Musk Tweet

Elon Musk is a renowned personality and the co-founder of tesla motors; Elon Musk’s tweet unintentionally or intentionally exceedingly influenced the price of bitcoin. The progression was blazed by Elon Musk at the foremost events of February; Elon Musk tweeted that tesla motors have invested 1.4 billion dollars in bitcoin. Later, he followed up a similar conception by tweeting that tesla motors now accept bitcoin as a payment method in tesla motors.

These two tweets of Elon Musk skyrocketed the price of bitcoin, and bitcoin, the cryptocurrency king, halted the milestone of $65000 in the midst of April. Elon Musk shocked crypto investors by tweeting a reversal statement about suspending bitcoin as a payment method in tesla motors. The core notion of refusing to accept bitcoin as a payment method in tesla motors is the inclining bitcoin mining energy consumption.

Musk tweeted that the fuel emission of bitcoin mining is consistently rising, especially coal fusion; however, Musk clarified that tesla motors would not be selling any bitcoin units or share in the market. Moreover, bitcoin will sustain itself as a payment method once the energy consumption of bitcoin mining complications gets resolved.

The twee of Elon Musk exceedingly declined the price of bitcoin; bitcoin was floating over $57000 before the tweet of Elon Musk. After Elon Musk’s tweet, bitcoin was plunged below $50000, the time bitcoin was healing itself, and China announced the crypto cracked, which utterly shattered the crypto market. There were more than 1 trillion crypto units were wiped out from the entire crypto industry. The unrealized losses of the recent market crash were almost 700 billion dollars.

These are some of the crucial reasons for the market crash of cryptocurrency on 19th May. Elon Musk and china’s crypto crackdown are claimed to be the most prominent ones.

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