Let’s Remove Those Stress Factors In The Business

Written By Alla Levin
June 18, 2021

Let’s Remove Those Stress Factors In The Business

When it comes to stressful situations, we often refer to our favorite dramas to list some of the most nerve-wracking things that could happen to a person. Imagine having only 24 hours to stop a terrorist act, like Jack Bauer, or rushing through the options like Dr. House to save a patient from a disease that’s almost impossible to diagnose. These are situations we consider stressful. So, we naturally assume that high stress can only come from extreme events. 

However, we tend to ignore the cost of repeated, small hindrances on our mental health. Do you know that the workplace is the leading cause of chronic stress? If you find yourself struggling with poor sleep quality or frequent neck pain after work, these could result from prolonged exposure to regular stress issues in the office. Admittedly, conflicts within the teams and hard pressure are easily identifiable. But what about these minor issues that are too easily overlooked? 

Slow and ineffective IT network

Did the recent system update mess up with your work laptop? The most common issues caused by a faulty update can affect connectivity, access to the intranet, the use of local applications and services, and the overall security of your device.

While an experienced IT technician could easily solve the issue for you, most employees are left to troubleshoot their tech problems alone in small companies. When having an in-house IT team isn’t an option, you can outsource your IT Support to a professional tech agency. As a result, employees don’t get frustrated by issues they don’t know how to resolve. They are less worried about wasting time as they’ve got someone on their side. 

Long email chainsstress factors in business

Offices need to communicate and exchange information constantly. Yet, not everyone knows how to convey their message effectively. Email chains tend to be generated by poor communication practices within the team. Unfortunately, email chains are time-demanding and require constant attention. When you’ve been ignoring your inbox to focus on projects, it can be frustrating to open a long chain of information. As a rule of thumb, emails should be short, making them easy to consume and understand. Email chains tend to appear when information is ineffectively shared. They are tough to read, almost impossible to follow and can distract from the initial communication. 

Stress factors in business: what’s the password again?

How many tools does the average employee use in a day? According to surveys, employees in a tech environment need to type up t 50 passwords in a day. It’s a lot to remember and manage without an appropriate password management tool. When you constantly have to enter passwords to get on with your day-to-day work, it’s easy to see how someone might forget a password and be logged out of their tools. In a world where digital tools are indispensable, password problems slow the team down and cause high frustrations. 

It’s the little things in the office that can lead to the most damaging stress levels. Indeed, as people don’t acknowledge recurring minor issues, they overlook the impact of chronic stress and frustration. If we are to make workplaces better, the first step is to ban all those little and non-necessary obstacles. 

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