Online Marketing and Synchro Marketing: the Contemporary Business Philosophy

Written By Alla Levin
May 23, 2018

Online Marketing and Synchro Marketing: Contemporary Business Philosophy

Traditional advertising, fresh perspective, innovative tools all make part of digital advertising, one of the key tools of the electronic commerce world. Digital technologies are becoming increasingly popular due to new applications proliferation, gadgets innovations, and employment of ingenious strategies.

If we consider in more detail the most popular tools here, the first one will definitely be the content marketing, as well as social networks marketing that acts within a familiar environment for a potential client.

Next comes analytics and work with large data sets – Big Data. And, finally, artificial intelligence and automation of all the processes and techniques. Digital marketing agency orange county will come in handy with a few ideas!


Content is the king of promotion. The total automation of the processes recedes, giving way to the personalization that appears together with the quality content.

If your task is to increase a brand’s visibility, attract new customers and achieve high sales, then working hard on content is a must.

Achieving it is not an easy matter, however, there several guidelines that help to improve the quality of the advertising and marketing texts and visuals.

One of the most vital steps on the way to achieving this aim is to identify the problems and provide solutions with your company’s services.

The content should also intrigue and encourage interest in visiting your site.

All the objections of the target audience must be removed to achieve that one should examine their potential clients and find out what prevents them from studying the services you offer.

Do your best to guarantee a satisfying experience for all the users – the content should fully answer the questions that your clients’ are most likely to ask.

If you are able to fully meet these criteria, the probability of customers going back to your resource significantly increases.

Big DataSocial-Media Trends 2018

Information is the main tool for both forecasting and strategy making and is inevitable for profit growth. Introducing big data analysis ensures your ability to assess the level of customers’ satisfaction and to consequently improve your product or service.

Understanding the needs of your audience as well as finding out the clients’ dissatisfaction helps to create the most effective strategy in order to attract new clients as well as to keep the existing ones increasing customer loyalty.

Gathering and analyzing Big Data is quite helpful in both defining short-run objectives as well as in creating long-term projects.

Artificial intelligence allows machines to find common patterns within an enormous information flow, to study and understand the target audience including their hobbies and the most popular topics discussed, and many more.

This information is required for any kind of business starting from a simple shopping catalog to an online casino website, as it helps to adjust your website content to users expectations, or even send a personalized message to each new visitor.


SMM is probably among the most efficient trends and has already gone through a number of transformations. 2018 SMM creates content that keeps customers within the social network by means of the account personalization. Only the content with a certain distinctive style, the remains intact in videos, publications, and broadcasts will be a strong case.

The greatest emphasis should be placed on the style of content, native advertising, and the interactivity effect, so that the customer feels a part of everything they consume, associating themselves with the brand.

Understanding the clients, anticipating their needs and their fears is one of the leading strategies that has already been shaping the image of the world’s electronic commerce.

SMM trends 2018

Another prevailing trend is synchro-marketing and its strategies. Synchro marketing is a world of simple Synchro ideas and all year round earnings.

The term comes from the Greek “synchronous”, which means “simultaneous”, standing for a kind of a market activity that allows you to flexibly react to the market changes, adapt to and ensure the successful development of the business adjusting to new circumstances.

Let us look at an ice-cream as an example. Winter is not a popular season for this kind of delicacy resulting in this kind of business is temporarily closed.

It turns out that the winter, the beginning of spring and the end of autumn are all the periods of downtime for an entrepreneur, who rented the stall because the rent is to be paid all-the-year-round.

How can the problem be solved? Re-equipment may be a fine way out. Refurbishment of the stall for the winter period and converting it into a coffee shop, for instance, can successfully help the owner get bonus sales at any time of the year.

The combination of two seemingly unrelated things used to achieve a single goal – successful sales is the very synchronism that helps to survive in the harsh business environment and increase profit growth.Synchro marketing

Synchro marketing requires, above all, fantasy and creativity, helping not only adopt the selling strategy to the ever-changing customers’ demand.

There is no denying that marketing is an integral part of today’s business reality.

Only those businesses that respond quickly to the task ahead of them, offering a seamless introduction of effective solutions followed with an ability to coordinate all the necessary tools is the secret to bringing your brand to a whole new level.

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