Poor Ergonomics
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How Poor Ergonomics Could be Costing Your Business

Are you witnessing lower returns in your business due to employee health problems? Most businesses do not realize that the source for workplace injuries and health issues can be poor ergonomics. Improper ergonomics may seem to be a minor factor. However, it can be costing you significantly.

Businesses must understand the importance of ergonomics. Poor ergonomics can cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), also called ergonomic injuries. MSDs are responsible for around 33% of workforce injuries and illnesses. As a result, they directly impact your business operating costs and, subsequently, your profits.

Read on to know how poor ergonomics could be costing your business.

Losing Employee Workdays

Bad ergonomics such as an uncomfortable chair and work desk can cause health issues among employees. The primary issue that most employees face is bad posture. Long working hours in a poor posture can soon lead to back pains and muscle weakness. It may also cause musculoskeletal disorders.

Employees are compelled to take leaves and tend to their health. Unfortunately, it leads to lost work time. When most of your employees start using their sick leaves frequently, it can significantly disrupt the workflow. It can be challenging to accommodate prominent workforce absence. As a result, you may be unable to meet your business targets. It eventually leads to a loss in profits.

Lower Productivity

Work pressure is inevitable at most organizations. To work efficiently despite the pressure, employees require a good work environment. It can impact the performance of the employees. When employees cannot have proper ergonomic facilities, it can lead to fatigue. The body eventually tires out.

They may be unable to stretch or relax at their work desk or surroundings. Lack of comfort soon triggers exhaustion. As a result, employees fail to work at their usual pace. All these factors contribute to lower productivity levels which directly link to your business’s success and returns.

Workers’ Compensation Costs

Poor ergonomics leads to overexertion of muscles and joints. Employees can develop back, neck, and shoulder injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis can cause extreme pain and suffering to employees. They can file for workers’ compensation and other medical expenses recovery.

You will have to bear the costs from your business expenses. It soon drops your overall returns. You may be losing high costs to such avoidable situations. It is critical to understand the importance of ergonomics and implement good practices to steer clear of such additional expenses.

Excess Indirect Costs

When employees suffer from ergonomic-related injuries or illnesses, they may take long leaves or quit. Apart from losing the work time and skills, you face other indirect costs as well. These include the extra hiring and training costs for replacement employees.

For workers’ compensation and other insurances, you may need to conduct an accident investigation. Such investigations take away high costs as well. Moreover, there can be additional repair or replacement costs for any damaged equipment or property. Your business operational costs eventually add up, and you may suffer from losses.

Businesses may often overlook ergonomics. However, it can be a costly mistake. Make sure to set up the working environment at your organization with appropriate and adequate ergonomics. Avoid high additional costs of poor ergonomics and related injuries.

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