Burial vs. Cremation Cost: Knowing the Difference

Written By Alla Levin
June 21, 2021
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Burial vs. Cremation Cost: Knowing the Difference

There are various factors you take note of when you plan a funeral service. The option taken is private; it depends on faith, religion, or individual belief. So, what do you reason are the differences between the two types of funeral service? Which do you prefer, burial or cremation? Both have been used by humans dating back centuries and are still in use. You can make a decision based on this three-factor, they are;

  • What type of funeral do you want?
  • The financial and environmental factors;
  • Choice of memorialization;

Difference Between Cremation and Burial

The decision to either be buried or cremated is an individual decision. Before death, people tend to make plans for their funeral service and imagine what would be done to them when they are no longer; these thoughts give rise to many questions about the funeral. You can check here for tips on how to deal with the loss of a loved one. The information presented below would go a long way in providing relevant answers.

The Cremation Process

In some countries, laws on cremation differ from state to state, but regulations concerned with transportation and preparation are the same. In the incineration process, the body undergoes three stages: before, during, and after cremation.


Those in charge of the funeral need to wait for two days after death before cremation occurs. Because officials need to finish the necessary documentation and permissions confirming that the person is dead and not in a coma.

Before burial, family members must have carried out a funeral to say their final goodbyes and conduct passage rites. After that, the family can decide to take possession of valuables belonging to the deceased.


Cremation begins when the body is in the cremation chamber. It is discrete. The temperature inside the partition ranges from 1,400 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. It is low enough to burn what’s left of a person into ashes, and it takes a minimum of 1-3 hours.

It also depends on the body size and weight. After cremation, the remains cool off until the staff can gather them. It is always white. You want to hire professionals who provide such services. Check with Eternal Cremations to help you with the planning of your funeral service.

Burial vs cremation cost: After

The remains are put in a jar and returned to the loved ones of the deceased. The ashes from the remains can be kept in different paces after cremation. These include;

  • The pot is kept inside or outside a crypt;
  • The jar is buried in a family-owned ground;
  • The remain is dispersed as instructed by the deceased;
  • The jar is kept in the home of a person close to the dead.

The Burial Process

The body of the deceased has to be washed and disinfected before any funeral service takes place. It helps to prevent contamination of staff members, family, and friends. It is also a mark of respect to the deceased.

Before Service

The body is either embalmed or placed in a refrigerator. For example, if the deceased died out of town and has to transport to another city for burial, it must be embalmed to prevent the decay of vital organs. The family or friends determine this step.


Family and friends choose how the body of a loved one has to be stored. But if you must bury it immediately, it is advised to be in a refrigerator. The body is dressed in clothes so family and family can give their last respect.

After Service

The remains of the deceased are at the gravesite or cemetery. Service is at the gravesite.

Cost of Cremation vs. Burial

Cost of Cremation vs. Burial

You have several alternatives to select from if you pick either holding a burial service or the funeral of a loved one. The expenses of a burial ceremony are higher than the expenses incurred during cremation, and it’s unusual to spend so much on a funeral. Cremation Cost is something to obviously consider before choosing your method of saying goodbye to a loved one, but this shouldn’t be your focus during this tough time.

Many companies out there can help you financially manage the difficult task of organizing this day.
When you do plan ahead of time, you can have control of cost during a funeral service. Having an idea of your environment would enable you to elude unnecessary expenses on funerals. You can check this link https://dying.lovetoknow.com/burial-cremation/funeral-planning-checklist for more on planning a funeral.

Burial vs Cremation Cost: Final Note

In conclusion, whichever funeral you select, you must debate the topic with your loved ones. It would save them from making the decision that may not be easy for them. If possible, you could write down your wishes and keep them where your loved one can access them.

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