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Essential Elements of Interior Design

If you are tired of empty spaces in your home and want to spice them up with some decorations, you have a wide range of options to select your preference. However, you must consider the essential elements among other elements.

The essential elements are the major determinants of your interior design beauty. You should know the matching color, and flooring, and this guide provides the correct information about each component. Read on to discover the unique ideas you need about essential elements for your space.


Color is the first element you consider in your interior decorations. Your home style influences the color hue. For instance, you should consider color if you are designing a traditional or modern architectural space. White and blue are the favorite colors for modern interior decors, while brown is the most suitable for a conventional design because it gives a rusty look.

Your choice of color should reflect on the furniture, wall paints, floor, and ceiling. These home areas must match and tone with one another. Also, you can generate inspiration from your environment. 

You can go for your favorite color. You can also choose a berry design that gives a bright and appealing feeling. The most important thing is staying happy with whatever color you desire. However, reading some decorating guides like this can provide a professional headway.

Shape and SizeEssential Elements of Interior Design

The next factor to consider is your feature’s shape and size. Is it big enough to occupy a specific section of your space, or not too small that it makes no effect? You might have to confirm other elements to fit the existing space. 

For homes with high walls and ceilings, you need tall furniture to complement such a room. Also, if your space has plenty of windows in it, reduce the number of furniture to prevent overcrowding. Make sure you arrange your furniture and equipment properly, not to hinder free movement. Hence, avoid overcrowding your space. At the same time, please do not leave it empty either.

For the kid’s room, you can place creative furniture with different shapes there. It adds more fun and brightness to the room. In general, note down your preferred furniture size and shape before visiting a store for purchase.

Elements of interior design: Lightning

You have chosen the right color, shape, and size, and it is time to light up your space. As simple as it may seem, many people worry more about selecting the proper lighting. The most important thing is knowing what you want and going for it. With the proper lighting, you can create a contemporary, cozy, natural, or any other environment of your choice. 

If you have an enormous space, and you want it to appear comfortable, choose warm lights and overhead fluorescent lights to create a soft and slim touch to the environment.

If you want natural illumination, go for a chandelier and place lamps at sharp corners of the house. Also, choose a curtain that allows the reflection of light from the outside. You need a low voltage bulb to create the natural light effect, except for the bathroom, where you need extra caution to avoid sloppiness.

Line and Pattern

Space comes in different lines and patterns, so do interior decoration elements. You can either have your line as horizontal, vertical, or dynamic (zig-zag or curlicues). After choosing an outline, make sure you maintain the exact measurement and line type. If you are combining two or more lines, ensure you use them systematically. That is, do not scatter your arrangement.

Your pattern should represent your lines, forms, and shape. The pattern includes these three elements, and getting it right implies you have three aspects correctly. In most cases, you get to showcase your pattern through fabric or wallpaper. However, avoid clumsy patterns and stick with simplicity.

Hanging Wall Arts and Mirrors

These are elements that require the least professional effort but of utmost importance. To make your lightning better, hang mirrors that will reflect the natural light from outside. Also, wall art with nature paintings depicts the type of space you want. 

Since there is no rule to interior decoration, maximize your resources until you obtain the desired result you want. While at it, make sure you have fun and do not limit your creativity box. You have varieties of wall arts to choose from, including sculptures, flower vases, and canvas designs. You can also add a wooden wall pallet to your traditional architectural space. 

It can be a favorite quote, Nordic design, paint, artist, or a loved one. The fantastic thing about wall art is the ability to combine preferences. If you have two or more choices, arrange them systematically on the wall, and create magic with it.

Essential Elements of Interior Design: Conclusion

Combine colors, lighting, sizes, and other elements listed above appropriately to create a top-notch effect. Avoid concentrating on one while others lack the proper placement and suitability. If you need a professional designer, you can contact one. However, if you cannot afford the service of a professional, carefully read through the guide. Hopefully, you will identify the tools you need and discover what you have not been doing right.

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Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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