Types of Advertising to Benefit Your Small Business

Written By Alla Levin
July 02, 2021
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Types of Advertising to Benefit Your Small Business

Whether your small business is struggling and looking to make more sales or thriving and expand even further, advertising is the answer to your issues or ambitions. You can have the best products and services in the world, but if you don’t advertise them well, nobody will know they exist, and nobody will buy them. Here are just three types of advertising you might want to engage with!


When you become a small business owner, you’re going to find yourself getting familiar with all sorts of acronyms – B2B, B2C, SEO –  the list goes on and on. But one that you really need to learn about and take on board when advertising is PPC. PPC stands for “pay per click” and is a form of online advertising that numerous business owners, large and small, engage with. It is essential now that more consumers are shopping online and spending most of their money through websites and eCommerce stores.

When you run PPC ads, your adverts will be spread about the web, exposing people to your brand and your products or services. Often, they will be placed in search engine results, on banners on websites, in sidebars, and scattered through blog posts or social media posts. They encourage people to click through to your website. The best part of PPC? It’s a cost-effective form of advertising. You only pay the PPC provider when someone actually clicks on the ad, and you are benefiting from their service!

Types of advertising: Radiotypes of advertising

Sure, digital is important. But the days of radio advertising aren’t gone and forgotten yet. Countless numbers of people still listen to the radio. Whether that’s in their car while they’re driving, as background noise in office spaces, in commercial premises such as cafes, or on their own radio at home, when you advertise on the radio, people will listen to your ad and maybe likely to take the actions you want them to – whether that’s looking your business up online, heading into a brick and mortar store or giving you a call. To get started, you can advertise on Howard Stern.


Print advertising is also pretty expensive. It may have taken a hit during the pandemic when people were in their own homes and not out and about. But now, people are gradually spending more time in public spaces, and it may be time to hit up print advertising again. There are countless forms of print advertising, but some of the most popular tend to include billboards, posters, leaflets, and more.

The key to success here is to ensure that your print advertising is placed in locations where your target demographic spends time and is likely to see it or engage with it. When it comes to leaflets, you may even want to hire some promotional staff who can then hand your leaflets out and give potential customers more information on a face-to-face basis.

These three forms of advertising should help to get you started on the right foot. Hopefully, at least one will work in your favor and generate a lot of profit!

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