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What Factors Should You Consider When Comparing Energy Costs in Victoria?

After the Victorian government deregulated the state’s electricity prices in 2009, numerous retailers across the state used the opportunity to set different prices for their services, thereby rendering the energy market highly competitive.

Are you aware of how much you spend on electricity and gas daily for your home or business space? If yes, and you are looking for ways to find a better deal, use online comparison tools and look up “energy compare Victoria” for a better idea.

Scroll through to learn more about the Victorian Energy Market and how to compare energy rates in the state.

Victorian Energy Market

In Victoria, the energy distributors head the handling of the entire physical energy network. On the other hand, local energy retailers purchase energy from the distributors and sell it to the customers in different plans. The Victorian government introduced the Victorian Default Offer (VDO) to reduce drastic energy consumption and balance distribution costs.

Now, the price of your energy rates wholly depends on your usage, the tariff you are currently paying, and the distribution zone you live in. So if you choose a retailer without comparing the energy rates at Victoria, you may be giving away wads of money for no reason.

So, how do different energy rates compare in Victoria?

Victorian Default Offerenergy costs in Victoria

The Victorian Default offer (VDO) is similar to the reference prices in other states. Therefore, VOD serves as the measuring pole for evaluating different energy rates and plans. The local retailers will offer their plan prices at rates lower or higher than the VDO. With this value, you can compare the various pricing offered by multiple providers and determine whether the deal is good or not.

Energy Costs in Victoria: Understand Base Rates

By checking the base rates, you will understand how much you are getting charged per unit of energy that you use. Once you eliminate the conditional discounts and other offers, a lower usage rate will automatically translate to cheaper energy.

Type of Energy Plans

Before you compare the retailers and energy rates on an online platform, you must first choose the type of energy you need. Prices vary depending on whether you want gas or electricity, or both.


There is a wide range of energy plans available across Australia and Victoria, and your ability to land at the best rates depends on where you currently live.

Some plans available in particular locations in Victoria might only be available to small businesses and houses serviced by a specific energy distributor. So, location plays a vital role in comparing energy rates in Victoria.

Energy Costs in Victoria: Use Online Comparison Services

Online comparison tools will let you compare different energy rates, thereby helping you choose a reliable retailer.

You may get multiple results when you type “energy compare in Victoria “ into your preferred search engine. However, bear in mind that the right tool will consider the base rates, tariffs, energy plans, and location before showing the results. From gas to electricity bills, you can compare different plans either bundled together or as separate factors offered by a retailer.

Who can say no to reduced energy rates and bills? So, make sure you take your time to analyze the energy rates offered by the best retailers participating in the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV) scheme and get yourself the best deal possible for your money.

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