Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling Shopify Business

Written By Alla Levin
July 22, 2021

Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling Your Shopify Business

The thought of selling a Shopify store rarely crosses the mind of an e-commerce store owner. Most e-commerce business owners are reluctant to sell a Shopify store that they founded and built with their sweat, blood, and money. And why not?

Their concerns are valid in terms of how prospective buyers’ established businesses shall be taken forward or if their hard-earned business is being sold to the right person in the first place. If not anything else, self-doubt crops up if the seller lets a winning horse go too soon.

Reasons to Consider Putting Your Shopify Stores for Sale

Despite all the confusion to sell or not-to-sell, people go about putting their Shopify stores for sale due to certain reasons, and some of the commonly known reasons are listed here:

Personal CircumstancesSelling Shopify Business

Most people prefer to keep personal and professional lives separate. Some situations might make people prioritize their support to loved ones over the business. Some people might want to disconnect from the web space and plunge into mundane life exploration. Selling a Shopify store they own facilitates a sabbatical that they long for.

Similarly, an entrepreneur might want to be relieved of any strings attached while traveling around the world. Selling the business gives the entrepreneur much-needed funds to enjoy their world trip without worrying about being able to afford it or not.

New Business Opportunities

As your reputation and worth grow in running your Shopify stores, it is quite common for new and exciting business opportunities to present themselves to you. Due to the paucity of time and resources, you might find yourself ill-equipped to focus on your current Shopify business fully. In these situations, selling a Shopify store you possess can help your new business ventures to fly in terms of freeing up your time and raising the funds necessary for their growth.

Loss of Interest in Business

Your business might have a strong brand value, yet you may lose interest in continuing with it further. But if you ever encounter a good buyer who is willing to maintain or further develop the business’ brand value and has a robust blueprint charted out in this direction, the best possible and sensible route for you to capitalize on this opportunity would be to sell a Shopify store in your possession to such a buyer.

Loss of Brand ValueLoss of Brand Value

If your Shopify business is at a juncture where its brand is not seen as a strong asset anymore, putting your Shopify store for sale might be a wise idea. Although a weak brand would have several average buyers lining up to acquire your Shopify business at a throwaway price, you must remain cautious as the brand is personally tied to you very closely. So, vet the potential buyers, understand their motivation to buy your business, and inquire about their plans to scale it up.

Shifting Career Paths

People’s priorities and interests change from time to time. Some folks might want to try out a new career path, go back to school, or take a break from working to raising a family. Taking one step is important when you need to focus on different plans, and your Shopify business could become an additional burden. So, it is better to announce your Shopify store for sale than ruin it without paying any attention.

Selling Shopify Business: Offloading Your Shopify Store

Before offloading your Shopify store, make sure that your house is in order first, and remember that buyers don’t blindly come forward to clinch the deal. Instead, buyers do a thorough background check of your business’s financial profile, and it shall be your responsibility as a seller to clear their misgivings if any. So, honesty is the best policy while answering the buyer’s queries.

Alongside, maintaining transparency in aspects such as profit and loss statement, transfer of assets, explanation of highs and lows in revenue and traffic establishes trust between you and interested buyers, strengthening the likelihood of a smooth sale transaction between the parties. For any additional information,  check how to sell your Shopify store.

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