Why Employers in the State of Queensland (QLD) Have Made Background Checks a Norm

Written By Alla Levin
August 01, 2021

Why Employers in the State of Queensland (QLD) Have Made Background Checks a Norm

Recruiting agents all over Queensland have quietly introduced background checks on their employees over the past few years. It’s not that they’re mandated by law, but more and more business owners in the state have come to realize it’s the safe thing to do, and it saves them a lot of money in the long run.

Let’s see what the reasoning behind this new trend is:

Safe work environment

One of the main reasons employers in Queensland are using background checks as part of their routine pre-employment screening is that it’s an excellent way to create a safe work environment. With a simple national police check QLD, you can make sure your new employee is not a violent person, an offender, or a thief. A clean record guarantees the new employee won’t create any problems in the workplace.

The need to create a safe work environment became a hot topic at the height of the #MeToo movement, as female employees are subjected to sexual harassment worldwide in virtually all types of businesses.

An employer that carelessly hires a predator will be morally responsible for the abuse their female employees are subjected to. They will also be financially affected by a potential lawsuit and the bad publicity such a scandal generates.

Background Checks a Norm: Better productivityBackground Checks a Norm

lack of proper background checks is one of the main causes of high employee turnover. It is to be expected, after all. When you hire a dangerous character, their true nature will come to light sooner or later, and there’s nothing to do but fire that individual. This will affect productivity and force the HR department to start repeatedly and find a replacement.

This takes time and costs money. Also, when you bring someone new into the organization, you’ll have to train them for weeks or even months. During the adjustment period, you cannot expect the new employee to perform their duties at full capacity. He’s new, and he’s still learning. And, yes, this also affects productivity and generates a loss of profits.

What if this second employee turns out to be just as unsuitable as the first one, the one you fired a month ago? And all because no one thought to do a basic background check on them.

What is the fastest way to do a background check?

Many business owners don’t do background checks because they think such things take a lot of time. That was true years ago, but not anymore. At present, doing a background check on someone in Australia is as easy as pie. There’s no red tape involved, and it doesn’t take more than 2 days.

The secret is using an online character check agency instead of doing things the traditional way and sending your potential employee to the local police station. When you use an online police check agency, you only have to fill in a form with basic ID information and upload a photo of the employee. You hit Send, and that’s it. It doesn’t get any better than that. And you’ll get the certainty that the new employee is no criminal and won’t become a liability.

Making a Background Check PolicyMaking a Background Check Policy

In the modern era and within job markets that are competitive to obtain a desired position, job applicants are more and more apt to hide some particular aspects of their background or history from appearing much more attractive to HR departments and therefore winning the job over other candidates.

In some cases, these can be apparent and therefore easy to spot; however, not all will be easy to uncover from a candidate until a complete background check has taken place for the new job candidate. HR workers who end up failing to investigate an applicant’s prior background before granting them admission into the organization may end up being liable for negligent hiring as per company laws or general government regulations. This is particularly important if recruits have access to vulnerable populations in the community.

If the job candidate who has been granted a position in the company is then later involved in some harmful misconduct or even things related to illegal activities, it will then cause damages to the organization that can run into thousands, if not millions of dollars depending on the size of the organization.

Correct background checks of every job candidate before making a hiring decision will save HR workers and their companies from prospective troubles. Further to this, a well-structured background checking policy that complies with regulations helps determine the procedure and the purpose of the background history checks to effectively and legally administer pre-employment screening. This is because the organization also needs to ensure that they comply with workplace laws when hiring new staff.

Therefore, organizations in QLD, Australia, and elsewhere in Australia have made pre-employment background checks a norm. Implementation of an effective screening policy streamlines the processes in the organizations and, in many instances, results in a safer work environment and greater productivity.

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