4 Ways To Improve The Customer Experience In Your Retail Store

Written By Alla Levin
August 16, 2021

4 Ways To Improve The Customer Experience In Your Retail Store

Retail store owners need to provide an excellent customer experience to boost customer loyalty and increase their sales. Online shopping is preferred by many consumers, and if you want to get customers to visit your store, you’ve got to give them an incentive.

According to Forbes, ‘84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue.’ To help you improve your customer experience today, check out these four-pointers.

Contactless payment options

Customers prefer contactless payment options, particularly since the events of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Total Retail, the most popular contactless payment options include: ‘touchless and voice-based interfaces; facial recognition technology; and mobile-based transactions.’

In a post-COVID world, contactless payment options are far safer. These systems also provide more convenience for the customer. When using facial recognition technologies, brands will need to adhere to data collection rules. Customers should understand how the data is stored and the places that data will be shared.

Infographic created by Clover Network 

Unique experiencesImprove The Customer Experience

The best way to draw in customers and boost sales is to offer unique experiences. There are plenty of ways to provide experiences, depending on your store and niche. Here are a few examples of brands that provide unique customer experiences:

The House Of Vans

This London-based store allows customers to shop for Van’s products and so much more. At The House Of Vans, you can purchase food, play music, and even skate in the miniature skate park. (Indica Worldwide, 2021).

Improve the customer experience: Ted Baker

At Ted Baker, store shoppers can use an interactive window to create their own content and share this online. The brand uses the content to improve its marketing campaigns while offering customers a fun and interactive experience.

Improve convenienceImprove convenience

Consumers want the most convenient shopping experience possible. With plenty of retailers in competition, it’s more important than ever to offer a streamlined shopping experience. Stores need to be laid out correctly, fully stocked, and offer fast-queuing times. Shoppers should be able to find everything that they need and receive excellent customer service. Self-checkouts and digital ordering systems can help you to offer an improved shopping experience.

An attractive store space

An attractive-looking store is all part of a great customer experience. You’ll need to ensure that your decor is eye-catching (and worthy of social media pictures)! Brands need to pay attention to visual merchandising techniques and add fun extras, such as pop-up booths. 

Equally, it would help if you didn’t forget the exterior of your store, as this represents your brand too. Make sure that everything is well maintained, from the storefront to exterior walls and the carpark stenciling.

Improve the customer experience: to conclude

Collect feedback from your customers on an ongoing basis, and this is the best way to keep on making improvements. Ask your customers to rate their in-store experience and determine how likely they are to recommend your store to a friend. With consumer insights, you can improve your retail stores and enhance your product development strategy. Paying attention to the latest marketing trends will help you to support your customer experience strategy.

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