5 Essential Things to Do When Relocating Business

Written By Alla Levin
September 06, 2021
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5 Essential Things to Do When Relocating Your Business

Relocating is a big step many take for several reasons, such as getting a new job, a growing company, etc. Research reveals that many small businesses relocate at one point or another to expand their business, save costs, etc.

However, before you make the big move, there are some essential things you need to do to make your relocation as smooth as possible and to yield the results you may be seeking. Here are some vital things to keep in mind as you prepare to relocate your company. 

Research your new location

It’s vital to have as much information as possible regarding your new area before you finally move. Some of the things you need to research are their culture, how safe the place is, the cost of living, as well as whether you’ll have access to essential facilities such as hospitals, grocery shops, etc.

Utilities such as gas and electricity are also necessary for your business, and it’s best to know in advance how much they cost. Transportation is also another factor you should investigate to help you figure out how you’ll commute to your business location every day if you aren’t working from home. Having such information will also help you plan and budget accordingly to make your move smoother and less stressful.

Put your stuff in orderRelocating Your Business

Before you move, you need to ensure that everything is in order and you’re ready for your new life and business. Vital information like your address and phone number may need changing, and you need to prepare for that.

You’ll also need to inform the relevant parties of your move, such as your clients, utility company, suppliers, employees, etc. If you have other significant things you may have to leave behind, it’s essential to prepare well in advance or hand them over if the need arises.

For instance, if you need to sell your business and start a new chapter as part of your growth journey or efforts to rebrand, you may need some expert advice to help you sell fast and at a competitive price before you leave. Doing this the right way will give you the peace of mind you need and possibly offer you some extra income to fall back on. 

Schedule a day

Having a specific date for your move will help you be more organized and give you something to work towards. Doing this will also allow you to move out before crucial periods, such as when your business space’s rent expires, to avoid extra charges.

A specific date will also guide you in communicating with your employees and all parties involved in your move and help you focus on any business decisions you may need to take beforehand.

As you set a date, it’s best to keep peak moving periods such as the first and last days of the month and weekends in mind so you can avoid them to save costs. It would help if you moved on a weekday instead.

Pack well in advancePack well in advance

Packing your items early enough will help reduce any pressure you might feel on moving day. You’ll need some sturdy boxes to store your things safely. You can start with items you won’t need immediately, while you leave the essential things such as documents for the last day. Depending on the items you’re packing, you may not always need brand new boxes.

You can keep durable items that won’t break easily in old boxes that are still in good condition. Early packing will also help you find any lost items and things you’d like to give away if you no longer need them.

You can make this activity fun by doing it with your employees if you’re a small business. Remember to store any vital documents you may have in a particular box, to prevent loss and damage. 

Hire a professional moving company

As you prepare for your relocation, one essential step is getting the right moving company to help you. It’s not only about packing your stuff but moving them as safely and efficiently as possible. In hiring a moving company, you need to consider their fees, experience, and customer reviews.

They must also be insured and properly licensed to guarantee the safety of your goods. Some moving companies also offer business storage options, so you can consider this if you need it. It would help if you let them know what items you’ll be packing in advance and book them early so that they can also prepare adequately and help you move successfully. 

These tips will help make your business move a rewarding one and help you settle in quickly for the next chapter of your entrepreneurial journey.

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