Warning Signs Your Radiator Needs Attention

Written By Alla Levin
September 09, 2021
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Warning Signs Your Radiator Needs Attention

Possessing a faulty radiator can be a complicated situation to deal with. It is important to be aware of the potential warning signs so you don’t find yourself in a situation where you have to fork out for a brand-new heating appliance.

Designer radiators in the UK can be expensive, so the last thing anyone wants is having to pay for a new one, should it break. Be wary of the following warning signs, and you will save money, save time, and keep home warm when you need it most.

Leaking Radiators

Although radiators function through heat distribution, many models do this through convection, heating the water within them. Older radiators are more likely to crack, which can cause them to become increasingly inefficient and need a repair or a complete replacement.

A key indicator of a cracked radiator to watch out for is water accumulating on the floor below it. Although radiators can function normally while releasing a minimal amount of moisture, if a puddle appears, this will indicate that it needs repair. If your radiator is leaking, it is best to call or a plumber or technician as soon as possible.

Cold Radiators

Another sign that your radiator is not functioning properly is if it remains cold when it shouldn’t. A running radiator should be hot at all times. Several issues could cause this, but this can usually be addressed without having to replace the appliance.

It could simply be due to an old thermostat, a frozen condensate pipe due to cold weather, or it may just need to be bled. When a radiator needs bleeding, there is too much air built up in the unit. This can be easily corrected without external help or a vast amount of maintenance.

Signs Radiator Needs Attention: Overheating Radiators

This is a serious issue that you need to watch out for. This dangerous side-effect requires quick action to save the appliance; the radiator will overheat when the flow is blocked or some material build-up within the unit itself.

This can cause issues such as wasted energy, but there are much more serious consequences if you do not address an overheating radiator promptly. Your radiator is at risk of cracking if it overheats, so you must contact a radiator technician if you notice overheating beginning to occur.

An overheating radiator can also prove dangerous to your friends and family within your household, so this is certainly something you want to address immediately.

By watching out for overheating, leaking, and insufficient heat, you can address these issues quickly and hopefully save yourself time, money and reduce the risk you may be putting onto those within your household.

Sometimes the reason behind these issues is not always immediately evident, so if you are unsure of the cause of the issue, seek professional help as soon as possible and make sure you resolve the problem before it is too late.

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