Meaning of Black Heart Emoji

Written By Alla Levin
September 22, 2021

Black Heart Emoji

As someone fascinated by the world of emojis, the black heart emoji has always intrigued me. It carries a deep meaning and uniquely captures emotions. In this article, we will dive into the black heart emoji’s origins, symbolism, and cultural significance. Join me on this journey as we explore its usage in social media, psychological interpretations, controversies, and more.

A black heart emoji is a black heart. It can communicate sadness, grief, or a dark sense of humor, and it is most frequently associated with love and devotion. Heart emojis “”  come in various shades, and each one is said to have its meaning.

The symbolism of the black heart emojiThe Symbolism of the Black Heart Emoji

When I first encountered the black heart emoji, I was drawn to its dark and mysterious aesthetics. It represents emotions like sorrow, grief, and heartbreak. It’s different from the traditional red heart we are familiar with; the black heart adds depth and complexity to our feelings.

For example, imagine a friend sharing a post about a difficult breakup. You could respond with a black heart emoji to express your understanding and empathy for their pain. The black heart allows us to acknowledge the complexities of human emotions profoundly.

Moreover, the black heart emoji also symbolizes black love and pride. It serves as a celebration of black culture, identity, and resilience. I find it inspiring to see how the black heart has become a powerful symbol within the black community, representing unity and strength.

Meaning of the Black Heart Emoji

The Black Heart Emoji, which resembles a lifeless heart, represents emptiness and lack of emotion. Individuals have been observed using this black heart emoji to represent harsh and uncaring people if one individual has been through a terrible incident and is now emotionally vulnerable.

Black Heart resembles a dead, and the bleached heart represents emptiness and lack of emotion. You may use this emoji to describe someone harsh and insensitive or who has been through a horrific incident and is barely responsive to any feelings. It is sometimes given to convey a grim sense of humor.

History of Blackheart Emoji

In 2016, a codepoint for Black Heart Emoji was accepted as part of the Unicode 9.0 standard and is presently included in the Smileys & Emotion category.

Black heart emoji in social media and online communities

Social media and online communities have become our virtual gathering places in today’s digital age. It is fascinating to observe how the black heart emoji has found its way into these spaces. People from all walks of life utilize this emoji to express themselves emotionally.

For instance, imagine a post about a tragic event or a heartfelt confession. Users often respond with black heart emojis to show support, sympathy, or solidarity. By using the black heart, individuals can convey a depth of emotions that words alone may struggle to capture.

The black heart emoji has become a powerful tool in online social issue discussions. It amplifies voices and movements advocating for equality and justice. For example, the black heart represents support and commitment to change during activities like Black Lives Matter.

What it means if a guy sends you black heart emojiWhat it means if a guy sends you black heart emoji

Have you ever come across the black heart emoji in your digital conversations? It’s the one with a solid black heart shape and has recently gained immense popularity. I find it fascinating how a simple image can convey such complex emotions. Let’s unravel the mysteries behind the black heart emoji. When a guy gives someone a black heart, it usually implies one of these meanings:

  • For the guy, the receiver, the black heart is dead. A black heart from your crush isn’t the ideal emoji;
  • The guy despises the receiver of the black heart. He hates them so much that instead of going on with his life and forgetting about them, he wants the recipient of the black heart to know how little he thinks of them;
  • If the guy is unhappy and sends you a heart, it might mirror their mood;
  • The black heart could mean that he doesn’t like someone romantically but wants to send you a heart without leading you on;
  • Sometimes a black heart may mean nothing. Maybe the guy is goth and likes black stuff. Maybe his favorite color is black;
  • The black heart emoji denotes that your personalities are nearly the same. Gender or facial identity may be the sole difference.

There’s considerable disagreement about whether a black heart represents hatred for someone. However, the true meaning of the black heart is that it represents an artistically and ironically fantastic personality.

What does it mean if a girl sends you a black heart?

There are many interpretations of a black heart. If a girl ever sends you a black heart, here are some things she might want to talk to you about. Girls are usually timid when it comes to communicating their feelings. They will give you many mixed signals, and sometimes it can confuse what they want to say to you. 

  • She likes you and thinks you are amazing. But she is reluctant to admit that she has feelings for you, so she is sending a black heart instead of a red one;
  • If a girl responds to your meme with a black heart, she appreciates your dark sense of humor. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the meme;
  • The worst meaning of a black heart is that she has friend-zoned you. If you are trying to give a girl many hints that you are into her, and she responds to your flirt text with a black heart, this might mean that she isn’t that into you;
  • The girl who sent you a black heart is goth.

Different ways to use black heart emoji

Use it when you like someone’s sense of style and accessories, such as their coat, dress, or handbag. The inverse of the Red Heart emoji is the Black Heart emoji. Suffering, and grief could also be one of the meanings of the black heart. Also, if you love dark humor, use it Those who aren’t afraid to make dark jokes are lovely people as long as they don’t cross a line. This emoji also has the connotation of power.  

Cultural Significance

Beyond its individual usage, the black heart emoji also holds cultural significance. It has found its place in music, art, movies, and literature, often representing a certain aesthetic and alternative culture.

In music, artists have incorporated the black heart emoji into their album covers, music videos, and lyrics. It adds a touch of mystery and allure to their artistic expression. For example, imagine a music video that portrays a somber atmosphere with black hearts floating in the background, symbolizing the depths of emotions conveyed through the song.

In literature, the black heart emoji appears in poetry and novels, enhancing the narrative’s emotional impact.

Black Heart Emoji: Conclusion

Black can mean a lot of things and nothing at the same time. When you try to interpret this emoji, keep in mind the personality of the person who sent you this. 

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