What to Wear to a Casino
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What to Wear to a Casino?

Game nights and card games with friends in your basement are great ways to have fun but can get mundane. To spice things up, you might consider moving your poker game from home to an actual casino.

When visiting a casino, you’ll actually have to show some effort in looking good. This implies that you’re no longer allowed to show up in your comfortable pajamas and fluffy slippers.

How to Choose the Right Outfit for a Trip to the Casino

Many of us have seen movies depicting people dressed up to the nines at casinos, complete with full evening attire. In Casino Royale, James Bond and his crew looked superbly dapper and elegant in black tie tuxedos. However, in the real world, things aren’t always as they seem in Hollywood.

There are many casinos in the biggest gambling cities where you’d probably look out of place dressed in such fashion. That’s not going to be fun at all. Imagine spending $600 on attire and later finding out that it wasn’t necessary at all! You’d be better off playing blackjack and doubling that amount of money. If you wonder what to wear and whether to splurge on a new suit, this article is for you.

General Rule of Thumbbiggest gambling cities

When it comes to what to wear to a casino, think business casual. We’re all used to this dress code category. It’s the clothes you’d wear at the office or holiday parties. This means that designer labels like Gucci and Dolce are welcome but not a rule.

You’ll want to look good, but not dress over the top. A woman in a cocktail or maxi dress will look just fine in a casino. Men can consider wearing a sports coat over a polo shirt, and they will blend in well. When it comes to footwear, you’d be able to fit in as long as you don’t show up in slippers or sneakers. In most casinos, you’ll get by with what you’d wear to a nice restaurant for dinner.

Don’t forget to cover up your feet. Wearing anything open, like flip-flops or sandals, is a sure way to be denied entry. For the ladies, this means heels or dressy flats. For gentlemen, loafers or boat shoes are generally accepted.

Appearing at a casino in dirty, torn, or offensive clothing will not work. A clean, respectable look is what will gain you entry at most places. Take the time to wash off the sand and change out of your beachwear before heading to a casino. You can be sure to be rejected if you appear all sandy from a day at the beach!

Day Versus Night

Some casinos have a more casual and relaxed dress code during the daytime. You might even be able to get away with shorts and a t-shirt if you’re lucky. (That pun was fully intended.) In general, casinos in holiday places tend to ease up on how you dress.

Nevertheless, after the sun goes down, that’s when it gets slightly more glamorous. In most cases, men should aim for at least a button-down or collared shirt. For women, blouses paired with slacks or evening dresses will generally do the trick.

What to Wear to a Casino: VIP Areas and ClubsWhat to Wear to a Casino

While you might be allowed into a casino dressed casually, certain areas might be off-limits with unsuitable attire. This includes certain restaurants, clubs, or VIP rooms in the casino complex. If you have any of these places in your itinerary, business formal will do.

Elegance and class are essential when it comes to high-end parts of the casino. This implies a dark suit with a light-colored button-down, complete with leather shoes for men. A woman will get by with a maxi dress and understated jewelry.

What To Wear to a Casino: Game On!

Before you embark on your mission, consider the casino you’re visiting and the crowds that generally frequent it. Is it a high-dollar casino? If it is, then you can bet it has a stricter dress code. If it’s a holiday destination that younger tourists frequent, then you might get away with casual wear. Otherwise, you’ll need to dress the part.

Whenever in doubt, always make it a habit to check the casino’s website or call them up. Most websites will have a section on what’s acceptable to wear. This is a wise move, especially when visiting any casino for the very first time.

Finding out the dress code beforehand will ensure that you fill your suitcase with what you’ll need. You don’t want to worry about having to buy something last-minute that you won’t ever wear again. That’s just a poor investment choice, and your money is better spent at a poker table.

A visit to a casino can be a fun part of a stag party or a boys-only trip. A weekend in Las Vegas, Monaco, or even Macau is a great bonding opportunity. Whichever casino you visit, the intention is to have fun, and dressing up is a huge part of it. Make this an occasion to look nice and proper. A real-life casino experience sure beats playing poker online with avatars!

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