Top 16 Sites to Hire ReactJS Developers

Written By Alla Levin
November 22, 2021

Top 16 Sites to Hire ReactJS Developers

Hiring a developer for your web development project might seem like an uphill task, as it involves scouring the internet and searching for a suitable person to steer your project. Choosing the right fit is very important as it will set the tone for the entire task and its integration with your organization.

It has become tough to hire a React developer nowadays, as the platform’s growing popularity has resulted in high demand and thousands of developers offering their services for development projects. In a short time, React.js has reached high levels of usability and success.

ReactJS Development

React lets you build UI components and add features to your website or application. Released in 2013, React has captured the market so well that React developers are highly sought-after and paid handsomely now.

Currently, React.js powers more than 45% of all websites. Companies like BBC, New York Times, Paypal, etc., have used React to build their mobile applications. Since there is no dearth of React developers online, you must choose carefully while hiring a remote React developer for your project.

Top 16 Sites to Find the Best ReactJS Developers

You can access the best ReactJS developers in the market through the following websites.

Founded in 2014 as a small Ukrainian startup called CodingNinjas, has become a vibrant vetting marketplace where Western startup owners can hire remote developers from Europe and Latin America—fast and pain-free.

There are several key features about that set them apart from others in the remote jobs for developers space. First of all, it’s a pre-vetting platform. Prior to registration, all the developers should pass a four-step verification process.

Secondly, the sales, recruiting, and matching departments offer a complete service package to both clients and developers. Clients get the first candidates in 2-3 working days, with transparent payouts and refund options, while developers can expect resume preparation and job interview assistance.’

Sites to Hire ReactJS Developers: Stack OverflowTop 15 Sites to Find the Best ReactJS Developers

Stack Overflow is a community platform that helps find React developers of all skill and experience levels. Here, you can also find answers to programming questions. Business owners can create a free account on Stack Overflow and post a job listing. There is also a way to get your job listing featured.

From their job board, you will find developers both locally and remotely. It is one of the most reliable job boards on the internet, and you can choose the best fit for your project from all the applications that will come in, based on your listing.


Toptal can connect you to the best React experts in the world. It assures quality by putting candidates through tough tests even before they can register their information on the website. If you are looking for experienced developers with in-depth knowledge, this is the right place for you.

Toptal also provides freelancers with lower price brackets than other similar websites. You can also work with the developer of your choice for a trial period, before finalizing them for your project.


Although not technically an exclusive platform to hire developers, LinkedIn has the best talent pool from around the world. This employment platform has more than 630 million registered users from around the world. Hence, you will also find the best React developers here.

LinkedIn allows you to do professional networking, get in touch with other recruiters, be aware of market standards, and connect to job seekers looking for suitable opportunities. Here, you can peruse multiple CVs and initiate a conversation with the one that seems best for your project.


Angellist is an ideal platform for startups to address their challenges in finding talent and investment. It is basically an American website for prospective employees, startups, and investors. You will find millions of jobs listed in the technology and startup fields on this website.

Angellist has more than two million candidates, a significant fraction of which are web developers, designers, and UI experts. You will get access to high-quality candidates suitable to drive your React development project successfully. 

Sites to hire ReactJS developers: Upwork

Upwork houses a diverse pool of web developers belonging to different skill levels, experience brackets, and price ranges. It is a freelancing website that lets job seekers register themselves. You can find suitable candidates on this platform and conduct interviews to test their skills and attitude.

Upwork also provides you with an auto-generated list of candidate matches, based on your job requirements. This way, you are more likely to zero in on someone who will fit right into your company’s working style. This platform is especially best for small or medium-sized companies that need programmers for their React development tasks.

Earlier known as CodementorX, is a community that includes thousands of React developers around the world. Here, you can find freelancers without going through much hassle as they appoint a project manager to bring together a team for your project.

It also shortlists candidates for your job, who are available to conduct trial runs before getting hired for your company. takes care of the whole project setup and assures you get qualified and talented developers.

It is best for people looking to put together a team in a short span of time. You also do not have to pay any extra fees to the platform, apart from what you are paying to the development team.


Hired is one the best places to hire dedicated React.js developers for your business. It is primarily a freelancer search engine that connects you to suitable developers remotely. You can submit interview requests to people you find suitable.

If any React expert catches your eye and agrees to take up your project after the interview and offer, you can immediately chalk out a plan of work with them. Hired has developers from all price ranges, so you will surely find someone to suit your budget.


ValueCoders is a renowned platform to find ReactJS experts. You will get access to hundreds of developers who are well-versed in JavaScript, UI, plug-ins, web development, and social networking. It is a great place to build the whole project team.

ValueCoders also give you a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the project. Till date, they have successfully executed around 5000 projects of various levels. Here, you can choose a payment type and candidate specifications, and get going with your React development.

X-TeamX-Team is a group of developers

X-Team is a group of developers who are available to work on remote and freelance projects. This company invites developers to join the group after some screening. Apart from other technologies, X-Team has some of the best React experts who have experience working with Fox, Twitter, etc.

X-Team has an effective screening process to hire developers, so you can find the best and most responsible workers here. They also work in collaboration with your company to build a product you both can be proud of. 


Dice is a job listing platform that connects companies to developers. Employers can list their jobs here for a fee. It gives you access to resumes, applicants, and ready campaigns that can also take care of the screening process.

Dice is best for companies who want high-end React developers to build large and complicated platforms. You will get additional features and services when you hire from this website.


Monster is an employment website that lists global job opportunities. Millions of people register on Monster to find the perfect job or employee. Thus, it is the ideal place to hire a React developer for your company.

You can search for candidates with the skills they have listed and the experience they have put in their CV. From such a wide pool of talent, it is easy to find the perfect React programmer for you.


Glassdoor is a job review website where you can find current and former employees writing reviews about companies or employers. It also allows you to search for jobs and submit salaries anonymously. Here, you can list your job offering and get connected with millions of React developers in the location of your choice.


Gigster provides the whole package in React development. It matches you with top experts and also takes care of the project management aspect. Using AI and manual intervention, Gigster puts together a team of React experts who can work on your project through this platform. All payment and communication is also taken care of by the website itself.


This Ukrainian company has hundreds of experts who help to match you with the right developer for your project. The business owner has to put in an application, specifying their project requirements, budget, and so on.

Then, MobilUnity searches for suitable programmers and connects them with you for interviews and hiring. This way, you don’t have to do the hard work of searching through hundreds of applicants. Instead, you get to choose the React developer you like the most.


Workopolis is a Canadian website that has one of the best talent pools of prospective employees looking for suitable job options. By listing your requirements on this website, you can choose among experienced React developers to find the right match.

Sites to hire ReactJS developers: Conclusion

Whenever you decide to hire dedicated React developers for a web development project, these platforms will provide you with the best options from all over the world, both local and remote. You can choose a suitable developer, depending on your budget, work scale, and timeframe. 

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