How To Become a Project Manager

Written By Alla Levin
December 09, 2021

How To Become a Project Manager

If you’re a natural leader and have strong organizational skills, becoming a project manager could be the perfect career option. Project management comes in many forms and is used in small and large businesses to streamline operations. However, it’s not just as simple as running a project. There are many elements in this specialism to master. Plus, you’re sure to see a varied range of opportunities in your career.

So, if this career sounds appealing, take a look at this short guide on how to become a project manager.

Study for a project management degree

Before you start your career in project management, having a solid foundation in the industry is essential. The best way to give you a head start is by studying for a degree. These courses will prepare you with knowledge and practical experience in your chosen sector.

Numerous industries cover project management, so you can expect to learn about various areas to apply your degree in many situations. In addition, taking a degree course equips you with the knowledge of project management and enhances other skills. These include self-development, self-learning, and discipline.

Professional certificationsProfessional certifications

After a degree course, there is also the option to study further with a professional qualification. Not all careers require this, but it is typically a natural step for anyone looking to move up the ladder. There are world-leading courses available once you have gained sufficient knowledge and experience in your career. These add value to your resume.

Develop key skills

While taking a degree and professional qualifications provide you with solid foundations, other skills are required for this job. If you have natural attributes for this role, then some will come easier than others. The key areas to develop include:

Time management skills

This skill is vital to master in a project manager role. A significant part of your job will be figuring out how people spend their time, but you also have to manage theirs and your own. Therefore, learning delegation and prioritizing is a vital aspect of this skill.

Communication skills

All project managers have to master the art of excellent communication. This job involves clearly articulating information to a range of people at all levels of an organization. Your skills will use different language styles and information delivery to ensure everyone understands the job at hand.

Leadership skills

Not surprisingly, leadership skills are another critical factor for good project managers. You will need to lead a team and be an inspirational part of the company to generate results.

Risk management skills

Not all project management tasks will be easy, and some require extensive risk management to keep a project on track. However, developing this skill ensures that you have control over each aspect of a project and know how to handle any bumps in the road as they arise. Becoming a project manager is a rewarding and varied career. By taking on board the above points, you’ll have a firm understanding of the requirements of this job.

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