is blizzard ever going to release Diablo 4
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Is Blizzard Ever Going To Release Diablo 4?

Blizzard released the trailer for Diablo 4 all the way back in 2019. Since then, the gaming world has been waiting with bated breath. Diablo is one of the most celebrated franchises in all of gaming history, having been a part of the landscape ever since the 1990s when it gave gamers their first experience ever of its dark and demonic underworld. 

Game on our PCs

But whether we are going to see the game on our PCs and consoles anytime soon remains to be seen. Blizzard recently announced that it probably wouldn’t release the game until 2023 – far further in the future than anyone had anticipated.

Development at the world’s most successful gaming company is stalling. Blizzard is going through a rough patch. Many of the firm’s top developers are leaving, and the brand is fighting a PR battle with gamers with bonus bez depozytu who don’t like many of its attitudes on race and so on. 

The company also saw considerable disruption during the pandemic. While game sales remained reasonable, it wasn’t able to marshal its developers in the same way and had to adopt new ways of working. 

All of this means that Diablo 4 has been on the backburner. The game’s lead designer has changed so that it is likely going to push back the release date even further into the future. Blizzard will be keen to avoid the problems that dogged Diablo 3 when it was released with this new venture, particularly regarding the difficulty level and economic issues.  

Diablo 2 Resurrected itemsis blizzard ever going to release Diablo 4

In the meantime, the company has tried to placate gamers with the release of Diablo 2 Resurrected. This is essentially a reboot of the Diablo 2 franchise with slightly overhauled visuals and a continuation of the original story. Diablo 2 Resurrected items are similar to those in the original game, offering players the ability to upgrade their characters and progress further into the title’s myriad dungeons. 

How long this move will keep gamers happy remains to be seen. There will be a few hardcore fans who will purchase the title, but the majority of gamers want something more concrete than that, running on a modern engine. Despite all its charms, Diablo 2 is still a game from the 1990s and, unless Blizzard comes up with some novel gameplay ideas, it isn’t going to satisfy the masses. 

Where Blizzard will look for inspiration remains to be seen. Other developers are all essentially trying to recreate the magic offered by the Diablo series in their own way, and having some success in niche markets. But these franchises are small. The majority of people are not playing Grim Dawn or Torchlight. Instead, they’re all waiting for Blizzard’s release because they know that it is most likely to satisfy their gaming needs. 

During 2020 and 2021, Blizzard released various teasers for the game. The original 3-minute-long trailer featured a group of bandits making their way into the underworld where they were met by some sort of bad guy who looked like he had tuberculosis. Following a gruesome summoning, the group succeeds in bringing one of Diablo’s relatives into corporeal form, setting up the narrative of the game. 

After that, Blizzard released some gameplay trailers showing players what it would be like to explore the Diablo world at the release of the new game. What we saw had all of the studio’s usual style, looking very much like Diablo 3 with moody scenes and fantastic sound effects. 

Why the game hasn’t been able to progress, though, is a mystery. From what gamers could see from the original trailer two years ago, it looks nearly complete. Much of the character art, level design, and class structure had been figured out. 

Is Blizzard ever going to release Diablo 4Is Blizzard ever going to release Diablo 4

We can only assume that things have gone wrong for Blizzard internally. Perhaps key targets during the game development weren’t met. Or maybe key people went elsewhere because they were unhappy with the way that the developer had conducted itself. 

Blizzard is known for delaying the release of games until they are ready and then suddenly announcing them. This strategy paid off well for the studio in the past, particularly with Overwatch – a game that was originally intended to serve as a replacement to the aging World of Warcraft. Hopefully, something similar is happening with Diablo 4.

Delayed games are always a risk, though. Just look at what happened with CDProjekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. The anticipation for that game reached fever pitch, but the final product was disappointed. 

In summary, the earliest we’re likely to see Diablo 4 is 2023. And that’s a tragedy for gamers who’ve been waiting nearly a decade for the next installment.  

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