Ways A DUI Lawyer Can Help With Your Underage Drinking Offense

Written By Alla Levin
February 08, 2022

6 Ways A DUI Lawyer Can Help With Your Underage Drinking Offense

Statistics show that nearly 1 in 3 car accidents results from rash driving. An underage drinking offense can be challenging to overcome. Convictions cause the individual problems with getting into college and finding a job and significant impact on their future in many other ways.

The more severe consequences of an underage drinking offense are a possible jail sentence, a fine, and having to take an alcohol awareness class. These severe consequences are reserved for those who have committed a DUI or OVI and are underage while drinking.

If you are charged with a drinking offense, it is important to consider contacting an experienced DUI lawyer to help minimize any possible consequences. Here’s how they can help you minimize the consequences of underage drinking:

Help Reduce the Number of Offenses

Carrying an underage drinking offense with you for life can be challenging to overcome in many ways. Hiring experienced DUI attorneys are your best chance at keeping this charge from following you into adulthood.

Experienced attorneys can help get the charges reduced to a non-disclosed juvenile matter which means that your record will be sealed, and the charges will not follow you into adulthood. Remember that this is for first offenses only, and it can depend on many factors.

Fight to Get Your DUI/OVI Charge Dropped DownFight to Get Your DUIOVI Charge Dropped Down

If you have been convicted of offenses like DUI or OVI, your lawyers can also fight to reduce the sentence. A typical sentence for someone with only one DUI is six days of jail time, three years of probation, and up to $1000 in fines.

However, the more offenses the person has on their record, the worse it can get. Hiring experienced DUI lawyers are your best chance at having both charges dropped.

Employ the Best Defenses

Suppose you have been convicted of an underage drinking offense in your state. In that case, you can employ a skilled DUI lawyer to file a motion for judicial release or a motion to modify your sentence to get out of serving jail time.

It may be possible to get out of taking classes or paying fines. The sooner you act on the DUI/OVI charge, the better are your chances of minimizing the consequences of your underage drinking offense.

Fight to Keep Your License

If you have been charged for any underage drinking offense in the United States, it is best to contact experienced DUI attorneys immediately. If you are convicted of an underage drinking offense, the court can suspend your driver’s license. If this happens to you, they can fight your case to help you get your license reinstated faster.

Fight to Keep Your JobFight to Keep Your Job

An underage drinking offense is not something an employer likes to see on an employee’s record. If you are currently employed, they may be able to fight to keep your job or at least keep you from being fired if the charges go against you.

Fight for Community Service Instead of Jail Time

If there were mitigating circumstances that led to the underage drinking offense, they might be able to have you awarded community service instead of jail time. Community service hours will typically count towards the amount of jail time you are sentenced to.

Wrapping Up

Your lawyer may get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether, which could mean that your record remains unblemished and fault-free into adulthood.

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