How to Find Sunday Available Notaries: 5 Tips

Written By Alla Levin
February 14, 2022

How to Find Sunday Available Notaries: 5 Tips

You will need a notary to witness essential documents for you. According to a report, Alabama’s county probate judges appoint and commission the state’s Notaries. Usually, officials of banks or some other large company are authorized to act as notaries. But what if you are looking for some last-minute documentation that needs to be taken care of on Sunday?

Here are some tips for finding Sunday available notaries.

Notaries Who Perform Weekend Duty

Not every notary is available on the weekend. To find a list of those notaries, you can contact your sheriff’s office or probate judge’s office and ask if any Notaries work weekends to help people who need immediate notarization services.

Check with Banks and Other CorporationsFind Sunday Available Notaries

Some banks and other companies might have people on staff who are designated as notaries. You can also ask the manager if they know anyone available to help you out on Sunday. It is usually included in their company policy, so it’s unlikely the manager would say no.

Public libraries usually have a listing of Sunday available notaries. You can also talk to churches and community centers and ask if they have a Notary who might be willing to help you.

Check with Local Government Officials

If you live in a town with responsible officials, like the mayor, they might know if people provide notary services on Sunday. If not, check with other elected officials like your state senator or representative to find out if they happen to know of someone willing to help.

Smaller law offices often have law clerks who serve as notaries. It is always possible that they might be willing to help you out on a Sunday if it means more business for them. If all else fails, you can ask your local police department if they have a notary on duty. It is not very likely that they would do it, but you can try and see what happens.

Look For Online Reviews for Local Notaries

You should look at local newspapers and Craigslist ads to see if someone is advertising their availability on Sunday. You can also find reviews online about local notaries. You might be able to get a list of weekend services from other people who’ve used them in the past.

Online reviews can help you get in touch with local notaries available on the weekends. It’s an excellent way to find someone for quick services. Other customer reviews can tell you what to expect from various notaries.

Some notaries might be willing to meet you on a Sunday morning if it means they would be able to help you out with whatever documents you need to be signed. If not, read on to find out about alternatives.

Find Sunday Available Notaries: Use a Notary Search Engine

There are even websites where you can find notaries who previous clients have rated. You can search by location, cost, availability for Sunday services, and other criteria that might be important to you.

If the same results aren’t available for all searches, you can narrow your search by location and see if anyone local might be willing to help on a Sunday. If all else fails, try looking up online reviews of notary services in your area. Customer reviews might show you someone available to help on the weekend.

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