What a Removal Insurance Plan
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What a Removal Insurance Plan May Cover for Your Home Contents?

Moving to a new house is a hectic job, especially when you have to carry all your household and belongings as well. This hecticness intensifies even further when you are moving across borders, internationally. Therefore, you have to account for all the possible risks and take measures to mitigate those risks.

You may use a reputable moving company for this task, but even using a professional moving company does not mean you are covered from all possible risks. One of the best ways to mitigate the risks associated with moving is by covering your house contents with the insurance plan.

Why is home contents insurance not enough?

You may assume that you are covered by house contents insurance, but this is not true. Your home content insurance does not necessarily cover you when you are moving your home contents to your new home. The damage that may occur during the moving process is not covered by home insurance. If some of your goods are damaged during loading or unloading, you cannot claim the damage to the insurer; it is even mentioned in the terms and conditions of your insurance plan.

There are some insurance companies out there that offer removal insurance as well, but they charge an extra amount for it. You may need to carefully go through all the terms and conditions to know if you are covered from moving risks or not.

Why should you opt for removal insurance?Why should you opt for removal insurance

If you are moving to a new house in another country, the best guess is you have already contacted a few international moving companies, and you know most of the procedures by now. Professional moving companies are highly experienced and skilled to move your belongings across borders. These companies take all the necessary precautions, hire qualified employees and offer insurance plans as well. But you are still exposed to some risks:

  • Your home contents may get damaged during loading or unloading;
  • The truck may get involved in some kind of accident;
  • An item may be stolen during the unloading process.

In order to save you from all these risks, most moving companies offer removal insurance plans. This insurance plan covers you from all the possible risks associated with the moving process, from the loading of goods from your old house to the unloading at your new home. Different companies offer different types of plans:

  1. New to old ( you get a new item against your damaged item)
  2. Monetary compensation ( you get financial compensation against your loss)

What does the removal plan cover?

Moving companies offer two main removal insurance plans, these are:

Full cover 

If you opt for full cover, your goods are covered for any type of potential loss during the move.

Specific coverinternational removals insurance uk

If you opt for a specific cover, your goods are covered for specified loss that occurs due to particular reasons. All these reasons are mentioned in terms and conditions.

Most of the international insurance companies offer removal plans, but you can also get one from international moving companies as well. But you must go through all the terms and conditions to know which risks are covered by your plan and which are not. Choosing a full cover plan may be costly, but it will relieve you of all the worries as your goods will be covered from any possible loss. 


Moving to a new house across borders is a hectic and risky task. There is a lot of risks associated with your house items. Some items may get broken or stolen during the move. In order to save yourself from any loss, you should consider buying a removal plan from a reliable insurance company or a reputable international moving company. It is important that you rightly assess the value of your goods during the agreement so that you can be rightly compensated accordingly. If you are looking for international removals insurance uk, keep in touch; we will provide you with further information.                                                                                                                                           

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