How To Get A Pawn Loan With Your Unused Jewelry?

Written By Alla Levin
March 14, 2022

How To Get A Pawn Loan With Your Unused Jewelry?

Pawnshops are a business that exists in every major city in the United States. The basic premise of a pawn shop is that you can bring your unused jewelry to be assessed for worth and if they will take it, you can receive funds from the pawnbroker for it. You may not think so, but pawn shops are actually an amazing place to go when you need money!

If you’ve ever been through an emergency and needed some cash quick, or even just wanted to buy something without waiting three business days for a bank loan approval — then this article is perfect for you. One can easily get Jewelry Pawn Loans in Dallas as well as all throughout the country.

What To Keep In Mind While Getting A Pawn Loan With Unused Jewelry

There are some basic rules of thumb to remember when dealing with a pawn broker, mainly:

  1. Make sure you know how much the item is worth before accepting an offer from the pawnbroker. This can be done either by taking it to another place to get appraised or looking online for an estimate online.
  2. Don’t accept an offer that is way below what you think something is worth! The majority of pawnbrokers will try and take advantage of someone who doesn’t know better.
  3. Don’t bring anything to a pawn shop you have a sentimental attachment to! The pawnbroker is not going to care about the fact that your grandmother left it for you, and will only care about the money the item can generate for them.
  4. Don’t leave valuables at the pawnshop until you get paid! Make sure you get them back when they are done paying out your loan.

How To Get A Pawn Loan With your Unused JewelryHow To Get A Pawn Loan With your Unused Jewelry

The first thing you need to do is find a pawn shop in your local area that accepts jewelry as an item they will loan money on (most do).

  1. Take your pawnbroker a copy of the item you want to pawn. Make sure you go with a piece that has a higher value than the amount you are looking to borrow!
  2. Take the item in person to the pawnshop.
  3. When at the shop, make sure that you go with someone who can help explain what your item is worth! The value of an item is not always reflected by its current market value and can depend on many factors, not just its current market price.
  4. After entering into a verbal or written binding agreement with your pawnbroker, they will provide you with an appraisal of your item either by mail or in person.
  5. Upon receiving your appraisal, you can choose to either take the amount offered by the pawnbroker (as this is a binding agreement between you and the pawnbroker – see tip #2), or you can look for one of two other ways to get a loan.

Pawn Shop Loans – How Do They Work

If you decide that you want to take the appraisal amount offered by the pawnbroker, they will then begin your loan process. If anyone wants to get Jewelry Pawn Loans in Dallas as well as various parts of the country instead of having to wait for a bank to process your loan application, then a pawn shop is the place to go.

  1. The pawn shop will take the item you have brought in on a loan and hold it until you return with your payment;
  2. You will be given an amount of time to bring back the amount offered (depending on state regulations). In standard practices, most pawn shops offer 15 days before they keep the item and sell it at auction if the customer does not return with their money on time. However, you can bargain for more time if needed;
  3. The pawnbroker will give you a payment schedule. This is just a list of dates and amounts that the customer has to pay back the loan;
  4. When setting up your payment schedule, remember that most pawnbrokers are willing to set up an agreement with you as needed! If you can’t make it to the shop on a certain day, just make sure you let them know beforehand!

There are two main types of loans that the companies will offer, face-value loans and hard money loanshow to get a pawn loan

Face value loans are the easiest to get, and function just as a regular payday loan, but you will be required to make a deposit of equal value to what your borrowed amount is. The deposit can either be made over the phone or in person.

Hard money loans are much harder to get and will involve going through a difficult process that can take weeks or even months (depending on your broker/broker’s house). Once this time frame has passed, if you have been kept up-to-date with all of your payments, and nothing has gone wrong with the deal, then your loan will be paid out in full.


I hope you found the information in this article useful, and that you now understand how you can get a high-interest, short-term loan with your unwanted jewelry. Although I don’t recommend it, if you are desperate for cash and as long as you keep two or three of the rules, I’ve mentioned in mind then it can be a viable option.

However, please note that these loans are not meant to be taken lightly and are not to be used as a long-term financial solution. If something goes wrong — do your research first before taking out one of these loans.

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