How to Travel on a Budget

Written By Alla Levin
March 18, 2022

How to Travel on a Budget

No matter who you are, today’s world is an expensive one. Most of the time, you can’t seem to come up with enough cash to make it through the week, let alone save up for that much-needed vacation, but contrary to what you might think, there are ways around this problem – and traveling on a budget is one of them!

 The best thing about budget travel is that it doesn’t have to be all about sacrifice and restriction. It’s possible not only to have fun on a tight budget but also to manage expenses without scrimping or saving too much.

Best Ways to Save Money When You’re Traveling

Saving money may not seem like fun, but there are plenty of ways you can cut costs and still have fun. Consider these tips when planning your next trip.

Travel With Just A Carry-OnTravel With Just A Carry-On

When you save room in your luggage, you’ll be able to save on airfare and some of your accommodations, plus you can avoid checking luggage fees. If you don’t have to check a bag or two, there will also be less of a chance that one will get lost, saving you money.

Travel To More Unpopular Destinations

Certain spots are more popular than others. If you want to save, go somewhere less visited. You can also check out sites such as to find the best deals on lodging, use services such as Kayak to compare airfare booking costs for your upcoming trip, and more.

Book Everything In Advance

From your flight to your airport taxi service, booking in advance will usually allow you to lock in the best deals. While it’s not always possible to lock in the lowest airfare, booking far in advance can help you get a great price.

Group Up With Other Travelers

If you’re traveling with a friend or family member, sharing your airfare, accommodation, and more may get you a better price than if you had booked everything individually. Going traveling together doesn’t mean doing everything together, though. If you book the same flight and hotel, you can always go on different trips during the day and eat at different restaurants in the evening if you want to.

Consider Hostels

Hostel prices are often a fraction of the cost of hotels, but that doesn’t mean the hostels are dirty, unsafe, or not fun. Some even offer more amenities than their hotel counterparts!

How to Travel on a Budget: Shop Aroundoften a fraction of the cost of hotels

Now more than ever, it’s important to know what’s a good deal and what isn’t. Always keep an eye out for best deals on sites such as Airbnb,, and more.

Go With a Tour Group

Another way to cut costs is to go with a group or tour company that can provide all of your accommodations, airfare, and transportation needs in one package. These services usually include accommodation in great locations at very affordable prices, which allows you to save money while still experiencing the sights your destination has to offer.

Bring Your Own Food

Food is expensive when you’re traveling, so if you can, take as much of your own food as possible or at least stock up at a local supermarket when you land.  Even packing your own lunch each day will save you a few dollars!

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