Find Out What Makes Scratchpad The Best Tool For Salespeople

Written By Alla Levin
May 18, 2022
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Find Out What Makes Scratchpad The Best Tool For Salespeople

Salespersons are the backbone of any business, and those who doubt that find themselves in a mess sooner or later. From converting leads into customers and building long-lasting relationships, they play a crucial role in increasing your overall sales and growth.

However, most sales teams spend a lot of time on CRM tasks like updating records, maintaining workflows, and tracking daily tasks, costing them considerable time instead of doing what they do best: increase sales. The solution then lies in Scratchpad – sales tool that empowers the salespersons to manage their various sales components efficiently and enjoy quick access. What are its benefits and other essential details about it?

CRM problems that salespeople face

Most sales teams work on a centralized CRM platform which enables them to store vital details about a customer safely while managing their daily schedules, quickly preparing monthly reports, identifying valuable opportunities, and planning a future strategy.

However, despite their importance, one of the significant problems salespersons face is the task of updating the database because of a different platform/software for various sales components like notes, workflows, and daily tasks. The lack of synchronization leads to decreased productivity and impacts the data and analysis quality.

How can this tool help?

This tool removes the isolation within which various sales components exist and synchronizes and records them immediately into the CRM. Here are the different ways salespersons can benefit from it:

It saves you a lot of timeCRM problems that salespeople face

Time is of the utmost importance, especially when involved with sales. However, with hundreds of tasks scattered across different pages, it can get challenging to extract the relevant information, particularly when you must change tabs every few seconds. This tool enables you to access calendar events, emails, activity history, and other information in a simple view. The faster experience saves your precious time that you could better utilize elsewhere.

Best tool for salespeople: store better quality data in your CRM

Mindlessly storing data does not serve any useful purpose because your data entry should be relevant, contextual, and valuable in some way or another. Using this workspace assists you with quality data entry, allowing you to update required fields, and set up tasks quickly while linking your notes.

It also makes it easier to manage sales methodologies like MEDDPIC (metrics, economic buyer, decision criteria, decision process, identify pain, and champion).

Best tool for salespeople: it helps you better organize your daily tasks

As a salesperson, you should easily access information, entry, notes, and anything else you need because of the tasks involved. But jumping back and forth between your CRM software makes it difficult to manage tasks efficiently. This tool makes the organization efficient, ensuring everything is just a click away.

Does it have enhanced security features?

As a salesperson, security must be one of your top concerns since you will be storing sensitive and confidential information in the workspace. This tool has advanced security measures in places like compliance with SOC 2 Type 2 compliance and automated continuous monitoring.

These are many reasons to use Scratchpad – it is a sales tool that significantly enhances the sales team’s productivity, efficiency, and output. And, an organized and happy sales team is the key to higher revenues, more customer acquisitions, and consistent growth.

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