3 Unconventional Video Games Which Can Challenge Even Most The Seasoned Gamers

Written By Alla Levin
May 24, 2022
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3 Unconventional Video Games Which Can Challenge Even Most The Seasoned Gamers

It is no secret that video games are a vast industry and continue to grow in popularity year after year. Gamers of all ages and levels of experience flock to the latest release or spend hours trying to master a classic.

But even the most seasoned gamers can find themselves challenged by some of the more unconventional titles out there, with many of them testing them to their finest ability and some even proving far too challenging to complete despite being an expert at various other types of games that may have been made available.

This blog post will look at three such video games that are sure to test your skills! However, a word of caution: some of these games will genuinely take you to your limit, so if you are competitive and do not like losing, it might be worth strapping in and putting your best game face on. Otherwise, it could be a rather infuriating experience!

So, without further ado, let’s get started and reveal the three unconventional video games that are bound to challenge even the most seasoned gamers worldwide!

Subway Surfers

Subway SurfersOur first game is Subway Surfers. Now, if you were ever to name a delightful game but incredibly infuriating at the same time, then this mobile game is one title that will immediately be at the top of most lists.

This endless runner-style mobile game has been around for several years now but shows no slowing down. The objective is simple: run as far as possible without getting caught by the police.

However, the game is not as easy as it sounds. Players must navigate their way through a crowded subway system, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. The further you get, the more challenging the game becomes. Can you make it to the end?

Indeed, those that have played the classic mobile game Temple Run will know of a similar experience, as they had to run the temple for as long as they possibly could without getting caught. Naturally, Subway Surfer and these games managed to take off and were extremely popular worldwide as they allowed a new style of play to come to the forefront of mobile gaming.

Sahara RichesSubway Surfers

Next up is Sahara Riches. This unique puzzle game takes place in the deserts of Africa. Your goal is to help your camel reach an oasis by collecting water droplets and avoiding obstacles. The catch? The game is played upside down!

This may sound easy at first but trust us when we say it is pretty challenging. With each level, the game becomes more and more difficult. Can you make it to the end of the Sahara?

The Sahara Desert has become a popular source of inspiration for several games in the past, though the online gaming industry has also seen several titles created based on the monstrous African desert land.

For instance, a popular slot available to enjoy is called Sahara Riches Cash Collect, where players will find themselves in the middle of the desert, too! Indeed, it would not be a surprise if we were to see even more of the same themes appear in the iGaming industry, either, as it has always proven rather popular.


HearthstoneLast but not least is Hearthstone. This digital collectible card game has taken the gaming world by storm and has become a favorite of casual and competitive gamers alike. While the game basics are simple, the depth and strategy involved can be pretty complex.

Players must use their deck of cards to battle opponents to reduce their health to zero. There are many ways to achieve this, making each match unique.

Naturally, Hearthstone has become rather popular with gamers who enjoy strategy-based games. It allows them to work the brain while also being competitive against their opponents as they look to defeat whoever they go up against.

If you are looking for a challenge that will keep you on your toes, Hearthstone is the game for you!

Unconventional video games: conclusion

So, there you have it, three unconventional video games that are sure to challenge even the most seasoned gamers. Of course, some will argue what the point of playing a game is when it is simply too challenging to beat; however, for many others, that is just part of the challenge and one of the most enjoyable aspects that a game can provide.

As highlighted, Subway Surfers was one that took off when it was first made available on Android and iOS devices, with gamers all around the world enjoying a casual game and seeing how far they could get before being caught. However, the title just appeared to grow as hardcore gamers took over and decided they wanted to see if they could master it. They, ultimately, found it rather challenging!

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