Asana Pricing vs Pricing Comparison 2022

Written By Alla Levin
May 27, 2022

Asana Pricing vs Pricing Comparison 2022

If you need a project management tool but don’t know which one to choose, there are a few essential points to remember. First, your budget should be at the forefront because it will significantly impact your choice. You can’t ignore how much software costs.

It guides you if it fits into your financial plan or not. Second, what you need is just as vital as anyone else needs. It helps you figure out what you want the software to do and what to expect. So, an operating system that meets almost all of your necessities and doesn’t expense out of your range is a safe and good choice.

Many project management brands are available, so we’ll talk about two of the best: Asana software and software. A range of customers uses pricing and Asana pricing. They are two sides of the same coin. Together, they bring in many customers and prove their worth.

So, in this comparison, we’ll look at pricing, a crucial factor, and some of its unique benefits. If you’re looking for a comparison touching on other elements of the two, check out this Asana alternative piece. vs. Asana vs Asana Software: Software

The system is a robust and comprehensive solution for all companies to strengthen and personalize their management skills. Organizations can build or modify the system so that they meet your needs.

For example, many features guarantee to improve the company’s profitability by helping to bring together essential things like applications and related integrations. Any activity can be changed to fit what the company requires. It guides a great team to be more effective and produce more work. tool is distinctive because its users can learn about new features and upgrades that will help their businesses run more smoothly. Hundreds of clients have relied on it, which shows that it can be considered.

Asana Software

Asana is a system that organizations can use to maintain a count of initiatives of any size. It is easy to use, and users can leverage a dashboard to establish project timelines. They can make tasks, give assigned tasks to other people, and specify due dates for every activity. So, it will be easier to sustain the track of all your responsibilities and finish them on time. During the planning process of an Asana task, you can use different formats to get your project going. But you can also change them to meet your specific needs.

Asana is much better than other ways to keep track of projects. It also has a lot of important integrations that work well together and can be changed to fit the firm’s demands. Asana also allows you to initiate working on increasing the results of projects that have already been started. You can maintain the outcome by looking at boards, pictures, or deadlines. The method is easy to use, particularly when planning activities. Pricing has many different pricing editions, so you can get one that works best for your business. There seem to be five plans, and one of them is free. If you choose to pay once yearly for an annual subscription, you’ll end up saving 18% on the price.

Individual Plan

You can access without any cost, specifically for two other people with this package. It’s simple to implement and only gives you basic functionalities. You can use free applications for ios and Android that have 200+ board and report designs. There are more than 20 kinds of columns. This choice isn’t good for teamwork and only has room for two people.

Basic Plan

The Basic package costs $8 per chair monthly if you pay for it yearly or $10 per chair every month if you pay for it monthly. At least three people are allowed in a team. It has some of the same functionalities as the Individual edition, plus extra storage space, a dashboard with just one board that people can view without any limitation of numbers, and a lot more. They place their clients’ requirements first.

Standard Plan

Numerous people choose the Standard price plan. If you charge for everything at once, it costs $10 per chair every month. If you charge for it every month, each chair charges $12. It adds additional features, such as Automations, which cost $250 monthly, and a lot more.

Plan Pro

The Plan Pro is an exclusive package for working together. It costs $16 per chair every month if you invest it all at once. Each seat costs $20 a month (billed monthly) if you spend monthly. Like the others, is selling price features, keeping records, integrating with other services, showing charts, and more. It contains everything.

Enterprise Plan

It doesn’t have a set price. You’ll have to talk to the contractor about how much this deal is likely to cost. You’ll get a lot beyond what Pro gives you.

Asana Pricing

Asana isn’t as expensive as some of its competitors, and it falls in the middle of the price range for project management software packages. There are four different ways to get it, which are:

Basic Plan

It only lets up to 15 people in a group. It only has basic functionalities, which aren’t enough to help people work together or become more efficient.

Premium Plan

This subscription plan is what you pay for when using the Asana pricing. Using their Admin Console, you can set up your virtualized resources and get access to other special features. About $13.49 is billed every month per customer.

Business Plan

Every month, it charges about $30.49 to purchase the Business Plan. Businesses and working groups that should be doing specific activities throughout initiatives are encouraged to use the Business Model to improve productivity. It has only features accessible in the Premium plan, like intriguing integrations, an improvement view, etc.

Asana pricing vs pricing: Enterprise Plan

Asana’s Entrepreneurship bundle intends to provide a “full suite” of tools for managing activities and main potential security features such as SAML 2.0 and SSO. Get in touch with the salesperson to discover its pricing.

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