A Couple of Pro Tips to Make Camping Easier this Summer

Written By Alla Levin
May 30, 2022

A Couple of Pro Tips to Make Camping Easier this Summer

One of life’s greatest joys is spending time outdoors. But it can be stressful for the inexperienced. So here are some tips to make camping easier this Summer.

Stay Close to Civilization

One of the worst things that can happen when camping is needing help, yet there’s no one around. Being out in the wild means anything can happen. And you don’t want your trip to be an exercise in Murphy’s Law. Therefore, a great tip for beginners is to stay close to services.

Family-oriented campgrounds are pretty helpful and will have rangers and services in all directions. Yet if you want to venture a little further, it’s best not to tempt fate by going further than you could handle if something went wrong. Like a broken leg, snake bite, or even crime.

Make Camping Easier by Prepare for Low Temperatures

Summer is the greatest time for camping because you get to enjoy more of the day, and the weather is typically more predictable and temperate. However, even in the hottest season, temperatures can fall below zero in certain places at night.

Popular desert camping areas such as Tamarisk Grove and Mid Hills in California are perfect examples. The weather is stunning all day. But at night, you will be shocked at just how cold it gets. So, no matter where you plan on going, take plenty of spare blankets, clothing, and tools for starting fires to stay warm.

Take What You Need in Your Car

Extra stuff for staying warm means you might not have enough room in your car or minivan. Especially if you have kids. But you can add more space using vehicle cargo carriers. Depending on what you need, you can install cargo racks for biking, storage on the roof, or even tow a hitched trailer.

If you plan on towing a hitched trailer, there are some things you need to know, since it’s not as simple as installing a rack. And there are strict laws governing their use. For instance, there are weight limits depending on the type of hitched trailer you use. Fortunately, Rack Maven has packed everything you need to know into one simple infographic:
Infographic Design By Rackmaven.com

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