Online Applications Aren’t a Reliable Way to Get a Job

Written By Camelle Gregoire
May 29, 2022

Online Applications Aren’t a Reliable Way to Get a Job

Online applications might seem like the newest technological leap in job searching. The truth is that they are already obsolete. It is unlikely to get a job interview by filling out online applications, so you waste your time. It might seem like online applications are unavoidable, given their widespread use. Yet, there are better ways to land a job.

Sites like LinkedIn™ are much better resources for job-seekers. These websites allow users to stay informed, connect with others, and apply to jobs posted. Here are some reasons why online applications cannot compete with LinkedIn™ when it comes to job searching:

Online Applications Waste More Time Than They are Worth

The time to fill out an online application is probably time wasted. Hundreds or even thousands of people submit their applications to a job posting. Only a tiny percentage of these applicants get called for an interview. You might think you can overcome this hurdle with an outstanding resume.

However, the truth is that a resume could never convey how special a human being you are. When a company reviews your resume, they only see a list of accomplishments (if they bother to read it). Your personality?

The things that are important to you? How hard of a worker you are? They can only make assumptions about those things. A person with little experience but a great work effort will never farewell with this method.

Is it Even a Human Reviewing your Application?Human Reviewing your Application

As mentioned before, employers get a lot of online applications. This is why they use online tools to sift through those applications by looking at keywords. That’s right, you can spend hours perfecting your resume, but in the end, it will be reduced to a few specific keywords.

Does that sound right to you? Are your talents, experience, and resolve reducible to a few words? Also, there is no way to show your personality, beliefs, or work ethic in an online application. If this method to find a job still sounds good to you, you might want to reconsider. 

There Aren’t Online Applications Available for Every Position

Every job post online requires employers to put that position out there. Sometimes, they won’t make a posting online for every single position that opens up at their company. It’s much easier for them to hire within the company. That’s why having connections is much more meaningful in these cases.

A person you know can not only let you know about an open position at their company but also recommend you for it. Remember, it’s not possible to submit an online application for a job that’s not posted. Every minute you spend scouring the internet for online applications to fill out, you could be making life-long connections that can give you advice, insider information, and recommendations!

One Time Only

Filling out an application, unlike building a profile on LinkedIn™, can only help you get one job. Once you fill out an application, it will never benefit you again. Every company has its own online application, so you can’t use a single application twice. Yet, most online applications ask for the same information. So, instead of filling out the same information repeatedly, why not make a single, impressive LinkedIn profile?


Ultimately, the landscape around job searching has evolved. We have learned that online applications are no longer the best method to land a job. Evolution is a natural part of life, and it’s essential to embrace it. 

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