10 Best Ideas to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Written By Alla Levin
June 01, 2022
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10 Best Ideas to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Do you buy products in-store or online? Most say they’ll buy it online rather than in-store. eCommerce comprises 10.7% of U.S. retail sales. Online shopping is widespread, and E-commerce is opening avenues for entrepreneurs and small enterprises.

Ecommerce requires looking at the big picture rather than short-term goals; that is why “eCOM Jungle” focuses on providing more quality & accurate information to gain maximum results. Implementing e-commerce methods can assist expand a firm. We’ve highlighted ten e-commerce tactics for 2022.

10 eCommerce Tips to Grow Your Business: Personalization

Over 80% of clients are more likely to buy from a tailored online business. Businesses should avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and focus on personalization. The consumer journey must be tailored. On-site browsing, email, social media, and paid adverts should be personalized.

E-commerce Conversion Optimization

Unless in a niche sector, e-commerce is highly competitive. Ecommerce optimization is essential. It helps businesses stand out from the competition, develop trust, improve customer experience, and increase conversions. The average e-commerce conversion rate is 2.77 percent but might vary. A business should aim to increase e-commerce conversion by monitoring Google analytics and making adjustments week to week, month to month, and year to year.

Use social media for e-commerceUse social media for e-commerce

57% of shoppers say social media influences them. Instagram and Facebook can be used to promote product posts and deals. 39% of customers follow a business’s Facebook page for bargains and promotions. Social networking may seem like a burden, yet it can boost a business’s success.

User-generated content (USG)

Influencer marketing can be free advertising. Ask your customers instead of employing a Kardashian-like influencer to promote your product. Your customers become micro-influencers and brand advocates. Serengetee does this well. Micro-influencers wear and post photos of their outfits on social media. Micro-influencers are motivated by discounted merchandise from the firm. This boosts a company’s brand and e-commerce.


Chatbots The global chatbot market has a 24.3 percent CAGR, and 45% of users choose them for customer support. Chatbots simplify consumer interactions. Customers don’t like waiting for help. A chatbot or live chat tool reduces consumer uncertainty and boosts conversions. Chatbots from MobileMonkey are “smart, versatile, and easy-to-install website chatbots.”

Use Google Shopping Ads to reach customersUse Google Shopping Ads to reach customers

Google Shopping ads feature images, prices, and the seller’s name. Ads are developed utilizing Merchant data feed product attributes. If your product description matches the customer’s search, it will show.

Analyse buyer behavior

Just having an internet store isn’t enough. Strong brands communicate with customers through pop-up stores or education centers. Omnichannel marketing helps businesses have a single perspective of their customers and analyze buyer behavior. A robust omnichannel strategy that goes beyond the website will enhance customer interaction.

Create subscription programs

Subscriptions are a great strategy to boost e-commerce sales. BarkBox creates fantastic tailored subscription packages. Customers complete questions about their dogs, and each month they receive a customized box based on their previous input. Subscription plans allow businesses to establish a customized program for customers.

Email marketingEmail marketing

Email marketing is a significant element of e-commerce that shouldn’t be disregarded. Email shoppers spend 138% more than non-emailers. Businesses should allow customers to sign up for emails on their website and after a transaction. More clients a company can create relationships with means a higher e-commerce conversion rate.

Writing Blog

Writing and posting content is an established e-commerce tactic. More people will listen if a business talks about its offerings. Long-form blog entries with guides can enhance SEO 2 to 3 times a year. Sending customers newsletters about products in stock or discounts will assist drive them to your website or online store.

Ideas to grow e-Commerce business: conclusion

These eCommerce ideas &strategies are proven. Others will bring long-term success. Review customer and sales data to see how your audience responds to different techniques. You’ll rapidly learn which business methods work and which to skip.

If your eCommerce site sells clothes or cosmetics, you have the most competition, but we’ve got you covered. Read about fashion and beauty eCommerce success.

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