SEO Consulting for SaaS Companies: Difference Between Traditional SEO and SaaS SEO

Written By Alla Levin
June 01, 2022
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SEO Consulting for SaaS Companies: Difference Between Traditional SEO and SaaS SEO

SEO for traditional companies and your SaaS company may not be wildly different, yet these subtle differences can bring out sizable differences in the results. We will explore those differences here to help you choose the best SEO solution for your SaaS SEO.

SaaS SEO deals with different marketing goals, keyword selection, content, and building of relationships. The timeframe for traditional SEO and SaaS SEO generates the ultimate difference between these SEO practices. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Marketing Goals

When a company sells traditional products or services, they have a short shelving life. Therefore, the goal of conventional SEO is to bring consumers to the respective website and generate sales. They mainly work for a similar motive and direction e.g. SEO for shoe sellers will work the same as SEO for personal injury lawyers.

On the other hand, SaaS products have a longer sales cycle. Thus, the primary goal for it is to generate leads and build long-term relationships with customers. SaaS products most often require their customers to subscribe after a certain period.

So, a good relationship with the consumer can go a long way for SaaS businesses. Thus, enterprise SaaS SEO strategy varies a lot from traditional SEO. So, SaaS SEO starts with educational content where your customers can get educated about your products and learn how you can help them with the problems they are facing. You will need tutorials, eBooks, and whitepapers to keep your customers always informed about your product.

Additionally, a strong online presence can be the deciding factor for your consumers. Your consumers will need immediate solutions for troubleshooting they are experiencing. So the SEO company you are choosing for your SaaS company should develop strong and helpful content to help your customers to be up-to-date with your products and services.

Keyword SelectionSaaS SEO

When selecting keywords for your SaaS company, it needs to be specific to generate definitive leads. A SaaS SEO company will use different search intents to generate leads at different stages of the product research and aim for the most appropriate keywords.

Traditional SEO focuses on generating leads as much as possible. Therefore, its keywords are more generalized to gather all the consumers with relevant searches. This practice may not be suitable for SaaS companies and can even hurt the business as well.

A wide range of prospects may come to visit your SaaS website. Some will want to compare products; some will want to get information. Also, you may have prospects who are already using similar products for other companies or simply want to purchase your products. So, your keywords will need to fit the search intentions you are after. The SEO company you appoint should be aware of this and use keywords fit for your business.

Content on Your Website

The difference between traditional and SaaS SEO is prominent in the website’s content. While traditional SEO content is generalized and simplified to reach any relevant audience, SaaS content needs to be thorough and technical.

SaaS content needs to focus on the use of the product to generate the best results. It will need to deliver the audience any relevant information about the entire niche. You will need to know your competitors and generate better content. A good SaaS SEO company can help in this manner and can bring better results for your SaaS company.

While your SaaS SEO consultant is creating content for your business, make sure to bring your whole team and consultant on the same page. Otherwise, there will be disputes between the content your users and prospects need. You will need to make sure that your marketing team and customer support team know about your product thoroughly. If not, your content marketing can work against your business rather than working for your business.

Relationship BuildingWhen you hire an SEO consultant

In traditional SEO, the content is created for considerable short-term relationships with the consumers. Here, consumers learn what the product can do for them; they purchase the product and may or may not recommend others to get a similar product. That’s the ultimate goal.

In contrast, keeping the consumers even after their purchase is a necessity for SaaS businesses. You will need to build a long-term relationship with your customers to ensure you don’t lose subscribers. Keeping older customers engaged can even be more important than gaining new customers for a SaaS business.

Most SaaS companies suffer in this manner. Getting new consumers can be easier, but keeping them is the ultimate challenge for most businesses. Therefore, SaaS SEO needs to be more specific and delicate than traditional SEO. Your SaaS SEO consultant will need to be aware of these challenges and work on building better relationships with the consumers. Otherwise, the whole point of SaaS SEO becomes null.

Bottom Line

The difference between SaaS SEO and traditional SEO is quite prominent in the case of building relationships and generating content, and goals. And in most cases, SaaS SEO is significantly more complicated than traditional ones. Therefore, investing in an SEO consultant is a wise decision.

When you hire an SEO consultant, you may be able to get an outside perspective that can help you overcome challenges more effectively. If you are failing to generate long-term relationships with your consumers, it is time to revisit your SEO practices and hire a good SEO consultant.

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