What To Look for When Trying To Find a Solicitor

Written By Alla Levin
June 01, 2022

What To Look for When Trying To Find a Solicitor

Looking for a solicitor can feel overwhelming. There’s a wide array of choices out there and the chances are that you won’t have had to find a solicitor before. But there are some guiding factors that can inform your decision. Below, we explore what to look for when trying to find a solicitor.


For a start, you should ensure that your solicitor fits your budget. Usually, solicitors will only charge you if you win compensation – as such it’s worth checking to see if they require an upfront fee. Finally, it’s also worth investigating the fee structure to make sure you’re comfortable with the percentage of the compensation your solicitor will request.


Reputation is important too. Ideally, you’ll find a solicitor with plenty of experience in the field of your case. Plus, you’ll want someone who has strong qualifications. Combined, you should search for a solicitor with a strong track record who won’t be learning on the job.


Communication is another key factor to consider. For most people, the legal process is complex and difficult to follow. However, a good solicitor will simplify this and walk you through the process. When you’re speaking to prospective solicitors, you should check to see if they speak with clarity and understanding.

Plus, they should also have the patience to listen to and answer your questions. Going through a legal case can be stressful. But by finding a solicitor with good communication, you can give yourself peace of mind that you’ll understand everything that’s going on.

Find a solicitor: bigger doesn’t always mean better

Bigger firms can seem more alluring: they’ll have a larger advertising budget and more solicitors working for them. But you might get lost amidst all their cases and they might not give you the care and attention you deserve. It’s worth checking out smaller firms that might give your case the priority it needs.

Sometimes you’ll make the wrong choice on your solicitor, even if you’ve put in the best research you could. But you still have recourse in this situation. If you feel like your solicitor has fallen below your expectations, then you can make a professional negligence solicitor claim. This might not reverse the damage caused, but it can give you a chance to earn compensation to help you move on.

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