Dreams About Death: Does It Mean Something Bad?

Written By Alla Levin
August 12, 2022

Dreams About Death: Does It Mean Something Bad?

Let’s talk about the most frightening nightmare in our life. You may see your death in the dream or the death of your beloved person. When you see it, read this dream interpretation before you start planning the funeral.

You can always find out more interpretations on the insidemydream.com portal. This article will help you to understand the true meaning of dreams about death.

Does It Mean You Die?

Don’t worry; you will not die when you see the death unless you are some badass foreteller. In this case, you can start to panic, of course. However, before you do it, think about all the times your dreams came true. If you can’t give a 100 percent guarantee, seeing your death in the invention can have many meanings, none related to your actual death.

Death in your dream is a symbolic act, representing your most significant fear of the unknown. Such plans you may keep remembering even several days after you had them. In comparison, you forget almost 95 percent of your goals right after you drink your morning coffee. If you are worried you forget the details of this dream, you have to write it down in the dream journal that must be somewhere close to your bed.

Even the best occult workers prefer to separate one dream from another. You may have one of the types:

  1. Prophecies. These dreams happen rarely and mainly with these occult workers;
  2. Dreams of different anxieties you experience in your real life. Treat them seriously cause they can indicate the desire of your own body about something;
  3. Pointless and random dreams. You don’t have to write them anywhere. Yet, you will not understand if they are pointless or not if you don’t analyze them;
  4. There is the fourth type, according to fortune tellers and modern witches. You can put there all the dreams that spiritual guides sent you, which contain lessons you must learn.

Meaning of Death’s DreamsMeaning of Death's Dreams

Dreams about our death or the death of our relatives and friends may reflect the news we hear during the day. If you read the article about the sudden death of your favorite TV star, it is natural that you may see your end while sleeping. It can be just a part of your dream, not important to the interpretation since you were flying or chased by anything. In this case, you have to analyze everything you see there.

Here are the most popular scenarios:

  • Your death. Don’t worry! Seeing your death is never about the real process. This is the symbol. You may want to dig deeper and remember how you died. If the death is violent, you may fear the enemies around you or the dangers you have to face. A peaceful death means you are moving forward from one period of life to another; it can also symbolize change. It may suggest you that you should forget someone and finally get out of relations you don’t need;
  • Death of your beloved person. It may sound like a terrifying vision in your dream. Yet, usually, it does not have any deep meaning. Probably you worry too much about people around you. However, it can also mean you need to change the closeness level to the person you see in your dreams since it is a symbol of toxic relations when you grow too close and you need to find yourself back again;
  • Death of your pet. It is similar to a dream about a beloved person’s death. It can symbolize your feeling of loneliness. Your subconscious can suggest that you forgot to call the vet. Maybe you’ve forgotten an appointment?;
  • You are going to die but wake up before. If you see the dream when you know for sure, you will die, but you wake up first, it means you have to pay attention to all the clues you’ve seen in this dream. Do you talk to someone in this dream? Do you remember what you say in the first place? Sometimes people in your dream can mean more than the actual process;
  • You repeatedly die in different dreams. If you usually see dreams about death, especially your own death, you have a high level of anxiety. You should stop doing anything that costs you this level of trauma. Seeing your death, again and again, is your brain’s message. It offers you to change your life and lower your stress;
  • You attend the funeral. If you have not seen the death but attended the funeral, you need to let something or someone go in real life. You have to say goodbye to one period of your life and start everything from the beginning. It may reflect your worries about the new beginning in your life. Concentrate on whose funeral you attend. There may be a clue;
  • You don’t see death or a funeral, but you are at the graveyard. It means you should dig up something buried deep in your past. Your brain can’t find something you think is vital for your present. You have to concentrate on what you are looking for. Think about your hidden memories; you want to extract them since you have never moved on for real. However, if you’re willing to leave the graveyard in your sleep, your subconscious suggests you not open the lid and not extract the past.

Harmless Dreams About Death

Dreams about your death are mainly about your self-searching, as you have already understood. You have to write them down and analyze everything you see. Don’t worry; after the first feeling of fear passes, you’ll realize you have nothing to worry about.

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