7 US States Where Online Poker Is The Most Popular

Written By Alla Levin
August 24, 2022
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7 US States Where Online Poker Is The Most Popular

Poker is the most popular card game – there’s no denying that! Especially in the USA, this card game is the most loved by gamblers. In any physical casino, you will find players lined up in queues waiting for their turns to try their luck and hand in poker.

The advancement in technology has made online poker accessible to every citizen in the US. The rising online poker popularity, mainly in Florida, has allowed players to experience all their favorite poker variants without waiting in lines.

Some offshore online poker sites offer online poker games for real money in Florida so that the players can win big. Let’s check out the most famous 7 states where online poker is loved the most:

States Online Poker Is Widely Played InStates Online Poker Is Widely Played In


Offline poker is already famous in Florida. Although online poker is still illegal in the state, residents play online poker games for real money in Florida through offshore online poker sites.

You can go for No-Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, and other poker variants on your favorite poker site. These sites allow huge profits for winners and ensure your gaming experience is one of a kind.

There are almost 30 physical poker rooms spread out around Florida. This, along with the vast population, makes Florida a potentially great place for legalized online poker. The profits originating from the Florida market alone will be paramount.


Nevada is a pro-gambling state, and for obvious reasons. Native to Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada has the best gambling and poker destinations, both offline and online. Online poker was legalized back in February 2013 – and why wouldn’t it be?

The state is huge and sought after for its gambling culture. People from all over the world come to play and gamble here. Nevada residents can now easily play the best online poker variants on their smart devices.


Delaware was the first state to become a pro-online gambling state in 2012. It was the first state that became legal for online gambling and poker. Even though the population here is relatively less, its residents still love playing online poker. This makes Delaware a major state that promotes online gambling and poker in the USA.

New Jersey

Delaware and Nevada were the first and second states to legalize online casinos and poker. New Jersey became the third state soon after Nevada in 2013 to legalize online casino games and poker.

Since 2013, New Jersey has become a famous name and an online gambling and poker provider leader in the USA. The state offers a long list of operators that offer safe and secure online poker games.


Pennsylvania took its time to legalize online casino games and poker in the state, and after 4 years, in November 2017, online gambling was legalized. Since 2017, Pennsylvania has become another top state for poker players.

Pennsylvania is the 5th most populous US state, and most of the population loves online poker. The competitive nature of the online poker industry thrives in Pennsylvania and generates enormous profits.


In December 2019, the governor of Michigan approved the online gambling bill and made online casino games, sports betting, and poker legal. Due to COVID-19, this bill couldn’t pass through as quickly as possible, resulting in a 2-year delay.

After 2 years, in 2021, online gambling was finally legalized, and players have since been taking full advantage of playing online poker.

States Where Online Poker is Popular: West Virginia

Passing gambling laws in the US states has always been a problem. West Virginia also took its time in passing the pro-online gambling legislation. In March 2019, the bill was passed, and online poker, casino games, and sports betting were made legal.

Although the state has a small population, the residents love playing online poker, especially now that it is legal in the state.

States Where Online Poker is Popular: Can These States’ Players Play Together?US States Where Online Poker

It has been a question leading to confusion for many poker players. Why can’t players from different states play poker together? According to the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 (the Federal Wire Act), players from other states can’t play together.

Typically, this act was passed to stop wire communications businesses to eliminate and ban interstate gambling activities. But now, it also prohibits people from different states from playing online gambling games together.

But the good thing for Delaware and Nevada online gamblers and poker players is that both states signed an agreement in 2015 that allowed these 2 states’ players to play one another. Specific sites in Delaware and Nevada made this agreement possible.

Soon in 2018, New Jersey joined this Multi-State Gaming Agreement (MSIGA), allowing New Jersey players to compete against Nevada and Delaware players. In the coming years, other US states will join MSIGA and enlarge the poker talent pool even further.

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