How to Choose an Emergency Dentist Fort Lauderdale

Written By Alla Levin
August 26, 2022

How to Choose an Emergency Dentist Fort Lauderdale

A filling has fallen out, a nagging pain, a broken tooth, and its sharp edge is injuring your tongue – is this an emergency or not? And if you start treatment (for example, you have a temporary filling) and don’t have time to finish, can it wait until after the self-exclusion? Hear from an expert about what counts as an emergency in dentistry.

We recommend choosing an emergency dentist in Fort Lauderdale only with extensive experience.

Injuries that cause pain and irreversible consequences

So, for example, if you break a tooth as a result of a fall or decide to crack a nut with your teeth and your nerve is exposed, you feel a sharp pain from cold and hot things, then, of course, you are one hundred percent in need of emergency care.

To get such help, you need to call the reception desk of your clinic to arrange an appointment. Be prepared for the fact that it will not happen immediately because the doctor and the assistant need to get to the clinic. It is also possible to go to the dentist’s office on duty.

Failure of a fillingEmergency Dentist Fort Lauderdale

If the filling that fell out was small and there was no pain, it may be worth waiting for a visit to the doctor. But if you feel pain from sweets, are hot, or cold, hurt your tongue on a sharp edge of the tooth, experiencing severe discomfort, then this is also a reason to seek emergency help.

Whining pains

Pain that comes and goes, and may have been with the patient for some time, is not an indication of an urgent appointment with the doctor.

You hurt your gum

Usually, all injuries in the mouth heal quickly and do not require a consultation with a dentist. The exception is deep wounds that don’t stop bleeding for several minutes.

You have an abscess

If you see that some kind of formation has appeared on the gum and pus is oozing out of it, it is most likely a manifestation of chronic periodontitis. You need to call a clinic right away.

Broken crown/veneer

If you have something broken (temporary or permanent dentures, veneers, crowns) and the sharp edges hurt your tongue or cheek, this is definitely a reason to seek help from a dentist.

You have a dark spot on your tooth

It’s usually just a discoloration that you may not have noticed for a long time. You can live with it for a few weeks before your appointment.

Scheduled consultation for a bracket system

Brace systems because they require a doctor’s attention at least once a month. Such a visit is worth scheduling. And it is all the more necessary to go to the doctor if something has come off or shifted or the arch or braces are cutting into your gums or tongue.

But those who correct their bite with clear mouthguards (eliners) are in a more advantageous, independent position. Primarily if the doctor has issued a set of mouth guards for the next 2-3 months and everything is going according to plan.

Choose an Emergency Dentist Fort Lauderdale: You Started Treatment and Didn’t Have Time to Finish It

If you are getting ready for veneers or permanent crowns and the temporary structure has broken, you need to get it repaired. And if permanent veneers or crowns are ready, you should show up and have it all installed. Otherwise, you can expect to experience pulpitis, poorer health, and additional financial costs.

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