How to Play Slots With Cryptocurrency

Written By Alla Levin
September 14, 2022

How to Play Slots With Cryptocurrency

The one-armed bandit has gone digital! Today’s online casino “slot machines” jump from analog machines to lines of code, but the basics have remained the same.

You input some money upfront as a wager, press a button, watch as the game’s doodads, wheels, and fancy gizmos do their thing, and hope to win big. Most of the time, the results are a loss. Occasionally, you may win back some of your initial wagers. And on infrequently, luck is on your side as you watch with glee as tides of winnings flow your way. 

Online casinos like Cloudbet have streamlined and perfected their slots and many other games to provide the smoothest and most enjoyable game experience for their patrons.

Though there can now be dozens of sub-bets, parlays, and many other gambling devices, these digital casinos weave into slot games of today; the draw is the same as it ever was: Pull a lever and hope to win big!

How To Pull the Digital Lever

Several steps must be taken before gambling with cryptocurrency can occur.

  1.  Identify the cryptocurrency you are going to use. Take a look at whatever crypto casino you are interested in and make sure they support the crypto of your choice.
  2.  Open up a crypto wallet for that currency. There are hundreds of wallets to choose from online.
  3.  Pay for your cryptocurrency at an online exchange. Again, there are many options online.
  4.  Transfer the crypto from the exchange to the casino OR transfer it to your private wallet first, than transfer it to the casino.
  5.  Once you have a crypto balance at the online casino, you can start playing the slots!

Bitcoin was the overwhelming favorite for crypto gambling (including slots) in 2021.

The Game Within The GameHow to Play Slots With Cryptocurrency

In their most basic forms, online slot machines have three or more wheels that “spin” when you push a button. If the symbols on the wheels line up favorably, you get a payout. In general, the higher the wager, the greater the possible payout. 

Digital slot machines are becoming increasingly complex as developers seek to create new games that are more engaging and exciting than the last. A key change in modern online slot machines is the addition of new symbols such as wilds.

While they may sound a little strange initially, wilds can benefit your game if you know how to use them. They work much like “wild cards” in a game like poker, being anything you wish to complete a hand.

Further events that can happen within slot machine games are bonus rounds. These are triggered by special symbols that allow you to partake in other things like free spins and mini-games.

Remember that online slot machines produce results based on random number generation. There are no known strategies that reliably and consistently produce more winnings; you’ll just have to rely on Lady Luck!

Risks & Rewards

Here are a few tips to help ensure your slot playing experience is enjoyable and responsible:

  • Set deposit ceilings to regulate your crypto bankroll. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, and stop playing when you hit your deposit ceiling.
  • Only play the slots with high “Return to Player percentages” (RTP%). Every game’s RTP varies. Some have upwards of 98%, which means higher chances of winning.
  • Wager on as many pay lines as you can within your budget. Betting on multiple pay lines means winning will be more frequent.
  • Stop gambling after winning big. If you continue playing after a significant win, you might whittle your prize until nothing is left.
  • Try playing the demo versions of each game for free to learn the rules and gameplay. Later, you can wager on real money on digital slot machines.
  • Play at safe online crypto casinos with plenty of third-party user reviews.
  • Finally, remember to enjoy the game and gamble responsibly!

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