How to Maintain and Care For Leather Couches

Written By Alla Levin
October 19, 2022

How to Maintain and Care For Leather Couches

Leather furniture is timeless and keeps your home looking elegant and classy. However, you need to properly care for and maintain the fabric to help you enjoy the service of the furniture for a long period.

While it is not something, you need to spend millions to clean and rejuvenate, leather is a bit sensitive and requires special care to maintain. Below are some tips to help you keep your leather couches looking great for longer.

Regular Cleaning

Leather requires regular cleaning to maintain an attractive look and prevent immature wearing out. You can create a cleaning schedule at least once a week and twice a week in a busy home. Do not use harsh cleaning materials or detergents, as they will damage the material. You should also avoid tap water as it has chlorine that would interfere with the finish on the couch.

Keep The Leather Couches Away From Sunlightcare for leather couches

The sun or other heat forms are not good for your leather couches. Prolonged exposure to heat leads to cracking and drying of the leather. That will negatively affect the appearance of your couches and will make them wear out a little faster. Prolong the life of your couches by keeping them away from fireplaces, windows, and any other heat source.

Condition Them Regularly

Conditioning the leather on your coaches will leave them feeling soft and supple. The main objective for buying leather coaches is to have a comfortable and luxurious piece of furniture in your living room. Use specialized conditioners to condition your couches and prevent the dryness and cracking that happens with time.

Maintain The Shape By Plumping

Some of the fillings in leather couches, like fiber, do not naturally bounce back. It is upon you to plump it up every day to maintain the shape of the couch. It also helps to straighten out any creases forming on the leather.

Buff To Maintain The Shine

You should not clean your sofa every day to avoid destroying the fabric. However, you can buff the leather with a piece of cloth to keep the coaches looking bright and shiny. That reduces dullness and the appearance of scratches on the leather couches. After you are done with the cleaning and the couches have dried, you can go back with a microfiber or any other soft cloth to buff.

Remove Stains Instantly

Spills are inevitable, especially in a busy home. The best way to deal with them and protect your couches from permanent stains is to clean the spills immediately after. If you wait to clean water, the collapse will have already stained your leather couches.


Cleaning leather furniture is one of the best ways to maintain the material and keep your furniture looking great. You need to know the best cleaning methods and items to use to avoid damaging sensitive leather fabric. The best thing about leather maintenance is that you do not have to hire a cleaning service for it. It is something you can do at home with minimal costs.

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