7 Essential Arizona Road Laws Every Trucker Needs To Know

Written By Alla Levin
November 07, 2022

7 Essential Arizona Road Laws Every Trucker Needs To Know

Although the laws of Arizona are not much different from the other states, it is common in the US for the states to have their own set of unique additions and amendments to the laws. Violations of these laws should be prevented at all costs.

You should report any violation of the law you witness to the authority to prevent accidents that can happen to you too. Speak with a Phoenix truck accident attorney to know everything about the truck laws in Arizona. Below are some common laws that drivers often ignore.

Valid Arizona Truck License

To drive in Arizona, the driver must have a valid license for trucks and semi-trucks. Drivers coming from different states should obtain a permit from the authorities beforehand. Without a valid license, truck drivers can be heavily fined by the Arizona authorities, even if they have a valid license from another state.

CertificationsPhoenix truck accident attorney

Arizona employers and Motor carriers provide certification to the vehicle and the driver if they wish to operate in Arizona. This certification is mandatory for all semi-truck drivers to obtain and pass the relevant road tests. Without these certifications, driving in Arizona is prohibited.

Driver’s logbook

This log book contains the hours, miles, and days the driver is on the road. The logbook should be up to date and present at the time of inquiry by a law enforcer. Heavy penalties can be handed to the driver if the book is not up to date or if any fraudulent activity is seen. A good lawyer would guide you in maintaining the logbook and its standards.

Arizona road laws: alcohol and substance

Alcohol and substance usage is not allowed under any circumstances in Arizona. The BAC for any commercial driver in the state is 0.04% which is extremely low. Commercial drivers, such as buses and trucks, must ensure they stay away from intoxication while on the road.

Emergency tools and repair kit

Arizona state laws require truck drivers to carry the emergency tools and repair kit in the vehicle and ensure they are in working condition. Equipment such as a jack, spare tires, road signs, chains, and other such things are essential, and if a driver is found violating them, fines and penalties may not be avoidable.

Driver qualificationDriver qualification

The qualification and records of the drivers are also essential in the state of Arizona. Any past crime, offense, or felony should be reported and properly sorted out before entering the state. A lawyer is responsible for setting the documents right and maintaining them for the company.


The drivers must be able to read and write English, as it is the country’s official language. People who cannot do it should refrain from driving a truck or any heavy commercial vehicle as it would be against the law, even with a valid license and driving permit.

Arizona road laws: Conclusion

Laws for truck drivers are strict, and companies should hire a good lawyer to guide and educate the drivers. Driving is not different in any part of the country, and it’s the different state laws that a qualified lawyer can help with.

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