Dealing With Uncertainty: How to Keep Employees Engaged

Written By Alla Levin
November 09, 2022

Building a Team in Uncertain Times: Keeping Focus & Engagement

Productivity is not just the number of completed tasks and accepted calls. It’s also about the level of your team’s engagement at work. According to recent research, around 63.3% of companies admit retaining employees is now a much more challenging task than hiring them. 

Building a team in uncertain times can be an issue. The solution to the problem lies in creating a successful employee engagement strategy. It will help the team feel connected to the organization, increase performance levels, and improve loyalty and dedication to the workplace. Below are some tips that will assist in the creation of a successful strategy.

Ways to Keep Focused: The Importance of Employee Motivation

To know how to keep employees engaged, focus first on motivation. Being on a customer support team can be challenging. Stress, a mundane routine, no visible career opportunities, demanding clients, and night shifts do not make this path any more manageable. The combination of these factors can lead to emotional burnout. To avoid this situation, motivation is crucial.

Not having a steady team of customer support for eCommerce, IT solutions, app development, and other fields mean putting a company at risk. The more the support center team is interested in their work, the higher their output will be during client interactions. As a result, it will lead to higher customer experience and satisfaction levels. 

Motivation is a direct product of the team engagement level. The more the support center members feel connected to the organization, the more positive attitude they will have toward the work process‌. 

How to Keep Employees Engaged: Major TipsHow to Keep Employees Engaged

A team engagement strategy is one of the ways to keep focused and build a solid and dedicated team of customer support service agents. However, some ways can help reach that goal better and faster than others. Below is a list of the most important aspects to remember while building an employee engagement strategy.

Recognize Employees and Make Them Feel Appreciated

Individual effort is essential, especially in the support center situation. These agents spend hours helping customers and other company employees as well. Thus, for people to feel valued and appreciated, it’s necessary to recognize their influence on the organization.

It doesn’t mean throwing constant praise and rewards at your customer support staff. Instead, it’s about cultivating an understanding in the business environment that the work your team does, either small tasks or big projects, matters to the company.

How to Stay Engaged at Work: Manage Stress and Encourage Self-Care

As mentioned before, help center teams have a lot of tasks. Mainly they deal with interpersonal communication, which can be exhausting and influence agents on a personal level. And mistakes or misunderstandings can still happen, too, no matter the level of professionalism the team has. 

All of this can provide stress, which doesn’t contribute to a positive working attitude. It’s hard to know how to be more focused at work while being constantly irritated. In these situations, encouraging employees to care for their mental and physical health is essential. Not only will it create a healthy and comfortable environment, but it will also show the special consideration the organization has for its workers. 

Provide Opportunities for Training and Career DevelopmentProvide Opportunities for Training and Career Development

How to deal with uncertainty at work? Provide something that gives perspective. Seeing personal growth will help the support agents to stay motivated. With various training opportunities, your team will improve their skills/ learn how to deal with problematic situations, and boost customer satisfaction, giving them a sense of direction and an understanding of their potential. 

The support team members should also know about future career opportunities to aim higher and constantly improve their work. The sense of having options and open possibilities will also contribute to the dedication and loyalty of the support team to the organization.

Organize Space for Communication

Open dialogue is crucial to creating strong social bonds inside the working team. When people know they are listened to and heard, they are more likely to develop a bond with others. Talking to them about their perspective on how to stay engaged at work can also be majorly helpful.

Besides, having an open ground for discussions and feedback is also beneficial to general business development, as it gives insights not only into the needs of customers and employees but the need for improvements in internal processes as well.

How to Keep Employees Engaged: Final Thoughts

Minding all the above, with the right helping hand, any organization can easily create a positive atmosphere that will help your team stay and feel organized, motivated, valued, and cared for. It’s crucial to manage a toxic-free, comfortable environment where your customer support agents can improve their skills and use them to enhance customer experience. 

The right employee engagement strategy can help to reduce work stress, amplify career growth and opportunities for the staff members, and build a strong support center team ready to commit to business development.  

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