Why Do You Need A Child Support Lawyer?

Written By Alla Levin
November 10, 2022

Why Do You Need A Child Support Lawyer?

Suppose you have a minor child with many moral and legal obligations. You and your partner need them to provide emotional and financial support till they become adults.

If you are in a legal battle with your child’s biological father/mother, you might contemplate fighting it yourself versus hiring a child support lawyer. After all, it is about protecting the rights of your child.

The answer to this would vary with individuals. Are you familiar with all the laws and rules of child support, or are you ready to learn about them in detail? If not, and to be on the safe side, hiring an experienced child support lawyer seems to be a good idea. To find such lawyers, you can visit ocfamilylawanddivorce.com.

Hiring A Child Support Lawyer Comes With Several Benefits, Like:Why Do You Need A Child Support Lawyer

  • The laws of child support vary from one state to the other. You need to be under a certain category (which will depend on factors like income, your child’s medical insurance cost, living arrangements, extra expenses, etc.) to get a certain amount of child support. Your lawyer would know all these details, and they can help your child get the maximum remuneration. The amount would vary hugely with parents in the low-income and high-income groups. The amount should be of a reasonable standard and cover everything, including the child’s insurance, education, health, and so on. The support obligations will continue till the child becomes an adult, which is at the age of 18. However, in some exceptional cases, the support obligation might need to continue till they are 20.
  • The biological parents might also seek a child support order modification for various reasons like change in income, parenting time arrangements, and so on. The lawyer can help them file a petition so that the orders can be modified. Remember that the old order will continue to be followed until a new order is passed. For example, if the support payer gets unemployed, they will have to continue paying the old support amount until the new order is passed. However, new modifications will not stop the money fully and might reduce the amount paid due to changes in income.
  • You can visit ocfamilylawanddivorce.com to get an experienced child support lawyer who would negotiate a settlement for your child through child support services. They will appear before the judge and conduct the whole process smoothly as they are familiar with all the legalities. Remember that not knowing the court rules might lead to a failed case, which will impact your child’s future.

Thus, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced child support lawyer is critical. You should always approach renowned firms and schedule an appointment with them to know the proceedings in detail.

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