Stubby Coolers: An Aussie Promotional Staple

Written By Alla Levin
November 18, 2022

Stubby Coolers: An Aussie Promotional Staple

On an Aussie summer day, nothing beats a cold beverage. But, as with all things in the heat, the problem is that these cans tend to heat up. This is where we turn to stubby holders. These cylindrical sleeves hug and insulate your cold can of goodness and ensure it stays cold. There is a lot of potential to expose these products to stubby holder lovers for your own marketing needs.

Simply Merchandise offers a wide range of personalised stubby coolers to offer Aussies the thing they love most, a useful freebie to remember your brand by. They offer a wide range of colors and sizes; all you have to do is decide on a design and put it in order. They are guaranteed to be affordable and useful products.

Now here are the benefits of offering personalized stubby coolers as promotional gifts: 

Free Gifts are Incentives

Many businesses often give gifts before negotiations begin because it’s a kind gesture that can set a good tone for any conversation. You can give your customers a reason to let their guard down, so you don’t have to work hard to convince them to agree with you.

Most people aren’t interested in buying anything, and if they find out you’re just trying to sell, they’ll back off quickly. However, you can give away free gifts such as stubby coolers or other promotional items. When you offer your customers, stubby holders, they are more engaged with the brand for a longer period, which will help you achieve your goals.

Value Boosts Engagement

Promotional items are different from advertisements, as people usually don’t want to see advertisements; you expose them to them. But, in the case of stubby holders, everyone has a use for them, which means their value has increased exponentially.

To make their value even higher, they are an Aussie staple. This means when you hand out stubby holders, you’re going to get engagement, but you’ll also be perceived as a True Blue brand.

Boost Brand RecognitionBoost Brand Recognition

If you think customers will forget about your business after receiving a gift, you’re mistaken. Most consumers who received a free offer remember the brand in the promotion, and some even remember the call to action. Overall, the more freebies, the more people will recognize your brand.

Fantastic Marketing Reach

People who create marketing campaigns often have to ask themselves if they have reached their target audience. When it comes to marketing, companies often focus on creating the best conditions for customers to increase acceptance. Just make sure you have the right timing and motivation to get your message across to your target audience

 When promoting products, you don’t need to ask people to sign up or spend money. Since people don’t have enough reasons to refuse gifts, you’re likely to reach your target audience when you give them.

Now that you know the promotional value of stubby holders, remember to choose a great design, preferably with a call to action, and remember to promote these promo items on social and get more people talking.  

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