Why You Should Offer Personalized Pens At Your Business

Written By Alla Levin
November 18, 2022

Why You Should Offer Personalized Pens At Your Business

Over the past several years, the promotion of personalization has been a consistent theme in the marketing world. Whether it’s social media or print, businesses are finding ways to offer their customers something unique.

Personalization is one of the best ways to make your business stand out from all of your competitors. The concept of personalization is all about giving customers what they want. When a business can offer items tailored to an individual’s needs, it generates happy feelings and can make them more excited about the business. Pens are a superb promotional tool that you should use at your business. Here’s why:

The Value Of Pens As A Promotional Tool

Promotional pens are helpful, affordable, and effective at branding. It’s true. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, promotional pens are the most common item used for promotions. That makes sense because they’re so cost-effective, well-liked, and useful. Pens can be used as a marketing tool by imprinting your name or logo on them and distributing them at events.

They have high perceived value, so recipients will feel special when they receive one in the mail, at a show, at the store, or otherwise. The value of pens as a marketing tool can’t be understated, and you should consider using them in some capacity for your overall marketing strategy.

Make A Positive Impression On CustomersPersonalized Pens At Your Business

Personalized pens make a positive impression on customers because they show that you are willing to go the extra mile to make them feel special. This simple act can build loyalty and goodwill among your customer base, which is essential for any business.

Loyalty isn’t easy to acquire, so finding different methods to keep your customers happy can be greatly beneficial for any business.  A nice pen—whether it contains your logo, a distinct design, or special accessories—can make a positive impression on customers, which can go a long way toward improving your business over a long period of time.

Customer satisfaction and happiness are what can make or break a business so make sure you are creating a lasting impression on your customers. When they use your promotional items, you want to make sure that they think of your business positively every time they pick up the pen with your logo on it.

Personalized Pens at your Business: The Different and Unique Types of Pens

Offering pens at your business might seem counterintuitive, especially if you don’t normally sell office supplies. But the sheer variety of these writing utensils makes them a high-value item for promotions, sales, marketing, tradeshows, giveaways, and more. Pens are one of the most varied items out there. Here are just a few of the many types of pens:

  • Ballpoint
  • Retractable
  • Metal
  • Gel
  • Fine-tip
  • Fountain
  • Engraved
  • Stylus pens
  • Pens with a flashlight
  • Design wrap pens (pens that have a cool design wrapped around them)
  • Personalized pens
  • Left handed pens
  • Italic pens
  • Marker pens

Among these, selling or giving away thoughtful personalized pens at your business is a well-tested marketing method that works. They can fit any budget, offer a high ROI, and build rapport with customers so you can keep them loyal for years to come. Make sure that the first impression creates that lasting relationship so your promotional items don’t work against you.

Give A High-value Personalized Gift For AnniversariesGive A High-value Personalized Gift For Anniversaries

Anniversary gifts can be tricky. It can be challenging to find the right gift for your valued coworkers, employees, partners, and clients. You want to show your appreciation but not get too personal. In these situations, making a good impression and impact with an anniversary gift is a slippery slope. So why not offer a personalized or engraved pen? These items are inexpensive to purchase and customize but can offer a very high return.

They’re perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events (like annual meetings and employee evaluations). Giving an engraved pen to a valued employee can be a great morale booster and improve performance. Giving them to clients and partners can improve relationships.

Giving them to potential customers can drive business to your organization. Ultimately, pens are a high-value personalized gift that can help any company thrive with a minimal overall investment.

Build Rapport With Clients and Partners

If you want to stand out, build as much rapport and goodwill as possible with the people you interact with most frequently. Promotional items can help you do that, largely because of how unique and personalized they can be. Personalized promotional items can help companies build rapport with clients, customers, partners, and employees.

These improvements lead to more sales and create a bond of trust. It’s not just about being friendly, it’s about establishing a genuine connection that makes both parties feel valued.

Giving the gift of a personalized pen to a client or partner can enhance your reputation and give your customers that value. When you want to attract new customers in a competitive industry or show your appreciation to existing customers, offering personalized promotional pens is the way to go.

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