How To Deal with A Car Accident Caused by A Minor

Written By Alla Levin
January 05, 2023

How To Deal with A Car Accident Caused by A Minor

Your child calls to tell you the unimaginable: they were involved in a car accident that might have caused significant damage or death to someone. What should you do now?

Minor drivers have the highest likelihood of being involved in car accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and are frequently ill-equipped to deal with the aftermath of a car accident. Consider hiring a car accident attorney immediately following a car accident to go over specific legal matters. Continue reading to learn four more actions you and your minor should take immediately following a car accident;

Place a Few Calls

Dial 911 to summon the relevant authorities to the accident scene if the minor hasn’t already done so. You must legally report an accident, even if there were no fatalities or major injuries. After making that contact, seek guidance from your insurance agent.

Contact a towing company to remove the car if it is too dangerous to drive. Keep your comments general if the lawyer of the other party contacts you. Likewise, wait until you have hired your attorney before signing any documents from the insurance company or attorney of the other party.

Make a Few Notes

After an accident, the minor will probably be understandably upset. However, parents should work to calm the minor down enough to record everything. Ask them to capture any video or pictures of the collision if at all feasible.

Ask the little to exchange names, numbers, and insurance information with the other motorists. Request a duplicate accident report from the attending officer, and instruct them to take notes about the collision on their phone while simultaneously taking your own detailed notes.

You should complete a form and email it to the police to seek an accident report if you are unable to get a copy right away. An automobile accident lawyer can also help you in deciding the kind of insurance claim you should file. You must get the appropriate legal advice and counsel before entering insurance negotiations or prospective litigation.

Take the Minor to a Secure Location

Make every effort to reassure and relax your child. Tell them to stop their automobile if it’s still functioning, and move out of the way of traffic. Make certain they receive the necessary medical care by going to the emergency room. Remind the minor that you and an attorney will be at their side at every step of the insurance negotiation process and that they don’t have to handle it themselves.

How To Deal with A Car Accident Caused by A Minor: Show Initiative

While you shouldn’t let your adolescent live in constant worry about accidents, it’s a good idea to teach them steps to take in cases of emergencies. Additionally, if required, don’t be afraid to speak with a lawyer experienced in handling both criminal defense and personal injury matters.

Every parent should know the steps they should take after a minor has caused a car accident. Parents should also make sure their children take necessary road safety lessons before driving any vehicle.

Ideally, parents should discourage their children from driving until they reach the appropriate age. However, if they do get into an accident, you, as a parent, should remain calm and plan the next move. The best way is to consult a professional car accident attorney who can help you with the legal stuff and much more.

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