What Is the ICC Exam and Who Needs To Pass It?

Written By Alla Levin
January 18, 2023

What Is the ICC Exam and Who Needs To Pass It?

Are you interested in getting your Certified Construction Manager (CMF) designation? All construction managers should have the certification, which looks great on a resume.

However, you must pass the ICC Certification Exam to get the certification. Are you wondering, “What is the ICC exam, and who needs to pass it?” If you answered yes to those questions, the answers are below!

What Is the ICC Exam?

It assesses the knowledge and understanding of codes. A test about standards related to the design of the pipe system: it is also about the fabrication, installation, and inspection of commercial and industrial pipework systems.

It certifies a person’s ability to correctly design, fabricate and inspect piping systems. The exam helps ensure that piping systems are safe and code compliant. It reduces the risk of system failure from inadequate design or fabrication techniques.

The exam is based on the International Code Council’s (ICC) International Mechanical Code.

Who Needs to Pass This Exam?Who Needs to Pass This Exam

The ICC contractor exam is a critical step for those seeking licensure in the building and construction industry. It provides a formalized method to prove proficiency in specialty areas. State and local governments generally require it.

Those in the building and construction industries for certification should pass this exam. Ultimately, those wishing to practice in the building trades must pass the ICC Exam to have their candidacy accepted.

The Expectations

The expectation is that candidates have a thorough knowledge of the code. They also should know its application to the real world. The exam is designed to ensure that qualified people can carry out safety and construction responsibilities according to the ICC’s standards.

The ICC Exam is divided into two parts:

The Open-Book Exam

During the open-book exam, candidates can reference the ICC codes and requirements to gain a thorough understanding of their application.

The Closed-Book Exam

The closed-book portion of the exam requires the candidate to show that they can think critically and apply the learned codes correctly to questions.

Best Tips to Pass ItWho Needs to Pass This Exam

It’s important to have an effective study strategy to prepare appropriately. Dedicate enough time to become familiar with the content of the exam. Review things such as boat operations and safety protocols: practice questions and mock exams.

Practicing can be beneficial to get used to the format of the questions. Attend available courses or workshops. Doing this supplements your preparation. It is also a great way to maximize your knowledge.

Make sure to have a solid understanding of maritime laws and regulations, which are heavily tested on this exam. This ICC contractor exam guide will give you the best opportunity to pass your ICC G11 contractor exam confidently.

Things to Remember Before Taking an Icc Exam

Overall, the ICC Exam is essential to becoming a contractor or supervisor. Those who wish to work in this sector should be sure to pass these tests to qualify for their desired job.

Everyone looking to become a contractor or supervisor should take the appropriate steps and pass this exam as soon as possible. Start your journey today so that you can move forward with your career. Did you find this article helpful? You can check out our website for more awesome content like this.

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