How To Finance Your Commercial Truck With Bad Credit
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How To Finance Your Commercial Truck With Bad Credit

Owning a commercial truck is a worthwhile venture. The investment creates a new opportunity to generate additional returns. The trucks are the heart of the global shipping and logistics industry. A truck owner can fetch maximum benefits through a transport contract or even launch a delivery and shipping company.

But you need to have a thick wallet to own one. You can also consider a financing option.  Like other loans, you require to have good credit books. Your credit scores will determine if you will get a semi-truck financing credit or if it will be a nightmare.

Many financial lending companies will not offer loans when you have bad credit scores. This reality can crash your dream of owning a truck.  Maybe you are planning to postpone owning a car due to bad credit.

If so, you are making a mistake. You can still access a truck financing facility despite your bad credit books. Here are some ways to finance your commercial truck with bad credit scores:

Engaging in a lease-to-own agreement

Your low credit scores create a mountain of mistrust among financial institutions. It is hard to convince them you will repay your loan despite low credit scores. You can spend days or weeks in the bank offices without credible results. Nothing would disappoint like such an experience.

Instead of wasting your precious time, you can consider engaging in a lease-to-own arrangement. This agreement involves finding a credible commercial truck dealer and signs planning how you will settle the cost of owning the property. Your deal will spell out your monthly installment until the amount is paid.

Sometimes, you will need to pay a down payment to the dealer. Regardless, the arrangement is perfect as it allows you to use the truck as you wait to own it. However, remember that the dealer can repossess the car when you fail to make the agreed payment. In such a case, the dealer will get back their truck, and you will also lose the money paid.

Down payment planDown payment plan

Another option to finance your commercial truck is via a down payment.  With poor scores, no lender will be willing to engage you. Most lenders require you to have over 700 scores to accept your truck financing application. Hitting these points is a challenge, and many people can’t make it.

You can easily give up on your truck ownership dream when you fall into this category. But instead, you can consider having a down payment arrangement with a dealer. Some institutions also have a down payment arrangement.  They will finance your truck when you meet various criteria on the down payment.  So, if your scores are not adding up down payment can be a golden option.

Go for a co-signer

You should consider engaging a co-signer when you cannot afford a down payment. Find someone to help you secure the financing by co-signing the documents. Remember, while co-signing is a reliable option, co-signers require an excellent credit score and a CDL – Commercial Driver’s License. With this qualification, you will readily secure commercial truck financing. Lenders easily accept a consigner with these qualifications. This means that you will easily access your loan.

Online lending platforms

With economic downtimes, you won’t likely find someone to guarantee or co-sign a truck financing loan when you have low credit scores. The fear of carrying the financial burden when you fail to fulfill your obligation is immense if no one is willing to become a co-signer; no worries, as you can consider online lenders.

Several online lenders embrace people with bad credit scores. Fast Capital is a good example, we help you with commercial truck financing when finding co-signers is hard. This lender will link you with or offer you truck financing to support your low credit score. They can also help you identify a dealer with favorable terms. So you will not throw away your dream.


Maybe your goal is to own a new truck. The old one fails to meet the fleet requirement standards. But the bad credit is standing between you and your dream. No lender is willing to work with you.

If this is your situation, you should consider a trade in the arrangement. The dealer will perform a valuation of your older truck and deduct it from the price of the new one. You can arrange how you will finance the balance with time. But ensure you the old truck is debt-free.

As you can see, there is no need to postpone your goal of owning a brand-new truck due to bad credit. Many financing options exist despite lenders not giving you an ear. You can utilize these opportunities and realize your dream.

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