Why is a Kukri Highly Functional and Multipurpose Knife?

Written By Alla Levin
February 03, 2023

Are you looking for a knife that is strong, durable, and sharp enough for a range of things? The primary purpose of a Kukri is to cut things, and its curved blade makes it highly functional. The distinctive and sharp blade doubles its use both as a tool and weapon.

The Kukri knife is a traditional Nepalese knife and is used dominantly used across Indian subcontinents. It is largely used by collectors, hunters, and even defense professionals as a tool for survival. However, it takes some practice and adopting safety measures to use Kukri.

Here are some of the common uses of the Kukri: As the knives are versatile with sharp blades, it is convenient to use them for a range of tasks. There are a bunch of functions the knives can be used for:

Why is Kukri: Clearing of Bushes

It is one of the most common knives one carries during adventures or camping. As the blade is strong and sharp, it is exceptional in clearing bushes and forests. If you spend too much time outdoors or love camping, you might consider carrying a Kukri to make the job easy. The sharp blade helps in clearing a new path through jungles with just one swing. It’s perfect for even tidying up the unkempt and overgrown garden.

Multipurpose Knife: Chopping firewood

Kukri is known for its high functionality, and its robust build makes it sturdy enough for chopping firewood. It’s a common knife that helps with chopping small firewood pieces. Firewood or chopping becomes essential for survival in an outdoor environment or during camping, outdoor activities, or adventures. However, the kukri is suitable for chopping small firewood and not massive ones.

Preparation of food

Food preparation involves cutting, chopping, skinning, etc. and hence a strong, sturdy tool is necessary. While kukris are not a traditional kitchen knife, it is highly recommended for chopping meat. However, if you are going for an outdoor trip, you might want to carry a kukri as it is multi-purpose and helps with easy slicing and cutting.


Kukris are primary knives used for utility purpose which means it is used for defense. In Nepal and many countries across Asia, it is used for self-defense purposes. Kukris have a long history and traditionally were used as combat knives. Many people are trained to use such knives as self-defense tools, but proper training is needed for their use. Blade of the kukri knives are long and ranges from 6 to 15 inches.


Many craftsmen and carpenters use kukris for a range of intricate woodwork. As it is sharp and sturdy, it is used for carving out a piece of wood and making stunning designs on it. Carving using a kukri can be fun, but it does need some practice. Hence, the knives are perfect for woodworking and designing intricate details.

Multipurpose Knife: Animal processing

It’s not the usual purpose, but a lot of people do use kukri for animal processing like skinning, cutting meat, and chopping. People who love to game out on a game usually carry a knife to skin and process the hunted animal. The knife is uniquely designed to efficiently skin the animal and make it ready for cooking. Hence, it is a must-carry if you are out there camping or for a hunting trip.

Be it for tactical or utility purposes, the kukri is used for utilitarian purposes and hence helps in doing many tasks. The knife is all in one assisting in conducting household chores, food preparation, skinning, clearing bushes, making shelter, etc. It comes as an excellent tactical maneuver and makes for an amazing defensive or combative purpose.

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